Fox News Shocks Viewers With Disturbing Far-Left Segment

Conservatives who turned on Fox News in the hopes of finding a little sanity were sorely disappointed, as the network chose to air a disturbing segment encouraging parents to let their children become transgender. The segment recounted the story of a child whose parents decided that she was trans at the age of five. The Fox reporter covering the story lavished praise on the “extraordinary courage” displayed the family.

Fox News airs a questionable segment

The conservative adage is “get woke go broke” but it isn’t easy to think of many cases in which that proclamation ever amounted to anything.

Fox News is overwhelmingly watched by conservative audiences. The network employs primarily conservative hosts and writers and sells itself primarily to people with similar views.

Fox certainly can’t expect to earn any more money by airing propaganda about transgender kids, so the diabolical truth seems to be that the decision makers at the network believe that they can spit in the faces of their viewers and contributors without suffering a real backlash for it.

Apparently true believers in leftist gender ideology, the powers that be at Fox are running a “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” series for June. We don’t know for sure what the “+” stands for, but at this rate we may not want to know.

The story dealt with a girl, now 14, who supposedly informed her parents “before he could even speak” that she was actually a boy and wanted to transition.

The parents raised their infant daughter as a boy and told her throughout her entire childhood that this is what she had asked for with “his” first words.

Dana Perino and Bryan Llenas praise transgender kids

This is grooming in the eyes of most rational people, but to Dana Perino and Bryan Llenas at Fox News this is “extraordinary courage” and a shining example for American families to emulate.

Viewers were almost unanimously disgusted, and regular Fox contributors described the segment as a betrayal of what they had assumed Fox News stood for.

In hindsight the segment shouldn’t be too shocking. The network panders to conservative audiences when necessary but it made up its mind on LGBTQ+ issues a long time ago.

Fox News, after all, hired Caitlyn Jenner as a contributor and uses the individual formerly known as Bruce’s preferred pronouns, as it does for others who identify as transgender.

This could otherwise be explained as Fox simply trying to be respectful and accommodating to its contributors and employees, but actively praising the transgender lifestyle and selling it to young families goes far beyond conventional politesse.

Viewers continue to flock to Fox News to hear from Tucker Carlson and other popular conservative voices, but Perino and Llenas’ segment explains why there is a growing percentage of the Fox audience that is drifting away in search of a more reliably conservative source of news.

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