Mitt Romney Just Did the Unthinkable

Long disgraced RINO Senator Mitt Romney (‘R’-UT) has once again thrown his lot in with Speaker Chuck Schumer’s Democrats, taking a stance against his own party and indeed against the best interests of his constituents in Utah. Romney is now joining Colorado Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet in calling for a new plan to “study the effects of climate change”. And what brought this about? Why naturally is was a rafting trip down the mighty Colorado “with water, agriculture, business, environmental, and local government officials to talk about ways to discuss solutions to climate change.” In other words, a bunch of elitists and politicians on an extremely expensive day-trip decided that they need a new excuse to dictate their faulty climate-change hoax drive policies on the American people. How quaint.

“What we are witnessing in Utah and throughout the West is a historic drought. The changing climate means that we are going to have to rethink how we solve the West’s water challenges, and today’s trip was an opportunity to begin to build consensus toward addressing them,” Romney said in a statement.

“I look around this landscape and I say we are here for a minute of time,” Romney said. “And we will be known by future generations as the great generation or the worst generation and our trajectory ain’t great right now on some fronts. Dealing with climate is something we are going to have to grapple with before we are gone. We are going to do that with real leadership on a bipartisan basis.”

Just take a quick look at this pathetic photo-op, field trip. Romney must see that his only political future is cozying up to the Democrats and moving back to Massachusetts to make a play there.


A Photo Op On The River Won’t Save Romney

What Romney seems determined to avoid is the harsh realization that in the overwhelmingly conservative GOP stronghold of Utah, his milquetoast brand of Massachusetts big-government Neo-con Republicanism just isn’t going to cut it.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported,

“Romney is not popular among Republicans in Utah, with almost two-thirds (63%) saying they would rather see someone else in the Senate instead of Romney.”

“In the 2012 Presidential election, Mit Romney earned the largest share of the vote in Utah of any Republican presidential candidate since Reagan in 1984. The data shows that Utahns’ opinions have flipped since 2012 — with two-thirds of GOP voters preferring a Republican senator other than Mitt Romney, he is more vulnerable than ever in a primary election,” Mike Noble, OHPI Chief of Research said in a press release.

Romney slid into the seat on two things: name recognition from getting crushed by Barack Obama in 2012, and by running against Trump in the 2016 Primary as the moderate nobody wanted. But in 2021 that clearly isn’t good enough. Utah State Senator Mike Kennedy should be waiting in the wings for 2024, he lost by 42 points in 2018, but he can probably take him now.

Graphic via OH Predictive Insights



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