Middle School Teacher Faces 2 Felony Charges for What He did to a 15yr Old Student

Middle School Teacher Faces 2 Felony Charges for What He did to a 15yr Old Student

A middle school teacher has been arrested and is facing two felony charges after an investigation uncovered his disturbing conduct with a 15 year old student.

Carlos Aguirre Rendon, a math teacher at Deltona Middle School in Volusia County, Florida, has been charged with lewd or lascivious conduct and witness tampering following an investigation into his conduct with a 15 year old student.

The 29 year old middle school teacher was arrested on February 2nd on those two felony charges. The investigation is still ongoing.

Watch the bodycam footage of the arrest:

Deputies began investigating Rendon after it was reported that the middle school teacher had kissed the victim on the lips in his classroom.

The teen girl’s parents told deputies that they were worried about Rendon’s contact with their daughter long before the classroom incident.

“The girl’s parents told deputies they had concerns prior to that, as her mother said she’d seen Aguirre with his arm around her daughter at a Deltona park,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

According to the victim, Rendon would often go to the Firefighters Memorial Park in Deltona with his children — even though he lived in Longwood — and he would tell her to meet him there.

Surveillance video shows that they met at the park. While there, Rendon would leave his two young children strapped into their car seats inside his vehicle so that he could talk with the victim. According to the affidavit, he would look through her phone and “ask if (she) was talking to boys.”

Deputies discovered that Rendon had been approaching potential witnesses at Firefighters Memorial Park in Deltona inquiring about the victim, and telling at least one of the witnesses not to speak to police.

Deputies’ interviews with witnesses have shown that Rendon had often sought to be alone with the victim, and had appeared to be pursuing a relationship with her that went above and beyond normal teacher-student contact.

“(Rendon) would regularly ask other students to leave the classroom so he could be alone with her. He would follow her around campus in between classes and even offered himself as a private English tutor when he noticed she was struggling with the subject,” the affidavit reads.

Rendon has already posted $12,500 bond for his release as of February 2nd. Additional charges are possible, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

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