Bragg Indictment Against Trump CRUMBLING

Legal experts are all chiming in on the Bragg indictment against Trump.

I have to say, this first wave of reviews is not good.

For the most part, they all believe it is very thin, with charges purposely being stacked to make it look far worse than it is.

A Joke

I will get to the Fox News pundits in a second, but it is really important to note that experts on just about every outlet believe this is nonsense.

For instance, CNN was openly challenging the indictment on its website and with panel discussions.

Both the Washington Post and New York Times had articles calling the indictment “risky” and a “legal embarrassment.”

John Woo, a legal contributor on Fox News could not help but laugh…

Jonathan Turley, who testified during Trump’s impeachment was also critical…

We are going to find out if this judge is an activist or he respects the law very soon.

There will be plenty of motions filed very soon to have this case dismissed.

If the judge chooses to move forward, Trump better start hitting that panic button.

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