Leaked Video: Teen Girls in Knock Down Brawl, But Focus on the Background…

A shocking viral video shows a disgusting display of bad parenting.

The footage captured parents in the background coaching their daughter through a fist-fight she did not even want to be in. If this doesn’t show how weak and petty these parents are, I wouldn’t know what would.

World Star Hip Hop uploaded the video that shows the two girls fist fighting while a group of people look on.

And the worst part?

One of the girl’s parents threaten to beat up their own daughter if she didn’t continue to fight. In fact, the other girl can even be heard questioning “Why do you have all these parents with you?”

Photo Credit: Break, Pexels

Photo Credit: Break, Pexels

“Don’t stop or I’m beatin’ yo ass,” the teen’s mother says, adding, “You better not stop Nicole or I’m beatin’ yo ass, plain and simple.”

The mother gets more and more vulgar as the fighting continues, even stating, “She ain’t done, she’s still f**king talking. Still running that f**king c******ker like she does best.”

The woman can also be heard saying “f**k her up for prom,” adding, “She’s gonna love that.”

Photo Credit: Break, Pexels

Photo Credit: Break, Pexels

Opposing Views reported on some online users’ thoughts on the disgusting video:

“What horrible parents and whoever was watching. Disgusting. I can’t believe y’all reproduced. Sad,” one user commented. “Your daughter will end up in the system and have her ass handed to her. That s**t is weak and so are y’all.”

“Sad to say but I live in the same town as these people. I go to the same high school ad these people. But I’m not sad to say that I hate it here. It’s awful,” another user wrote. “It’s a bunch of rednecks and hillbillies. Not all people here are like this we have a rich history. It’s just the loud ignorant people who make places and people’s image terrible. I just want to say not all of us here are like this.”

“This is disgusting!! Those white trash parents need court, fines, jail time,” another viewer commented. “I’d not want my children bullied….but I’d never teach them THIS crap!!!!”

Photo Credit: Break, Pexels

Photo Credit: Break, Pexels

Sources: OpposingViews, World Star Hip Hop


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