Singing Legend HOSPITALIZED… He Needs Our Prayers

The parrot head himself is out of commission.

This week, Jimmy Buffet announced that his tour was being put on hold.

Buffet has an undisclosed medical condition that required immediate attention.


Talk about laying the golden egg…

When Jimmy Buffet released “Margaritaville” in 1977, he surely had no idea what that one song would do for his life.

He built a billion-dollar brand around that song.

It is now tied to restaurants, hotels, pools, retirement homes, beer, tequila, and even cruise ships.

Buffet did not disclose the condition, just stating that he had some things that needed fixing.

Buffet stated, “I had a sudden change of plans this week that affected us all.

“Two days ago, I was just back from a trip to the Bahamas, thawing out from the California ‘winter tour,’ and chomping at the bit to get to Charleston.

“I had to stop in Boston for a check-up, but wound up back in the hospital to address some issues that needed immediate attention.”

He added, “Growing old is not for sissies, I promise you.

“I also will promise you, that when I am well enough to perform, that is what I’ll be doing in the land of She-Crab soup.

“You all make my life more meaningful and fulfilled than I would have ever imagined as a toe headed little boy sitting on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico.

“Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, your amazing years of loyalty, and just remember, “NOT YET!”

Get well soon, Jimmy!

Source: Breitbart

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