Chain Of Car Crashes Caused By 300,000 Tomatoes Rolling Onto Highway

According to California Highway Patrol officials, a big rig that was carrying over 300,000 tomatoes crashed into two vehicles while traveling on an interstate.

The accident caused the tomatoes to roll out of the truck and create a two-feet-deep sea of produce across the highway.

The Daily Wire spoke with Officer Jason Tyhurst about the accident that occurred on Interstate 80 in Vacaville, to which he said, “The big rig was carrying a load of tomatoes, and all the tomatoes spilled onto the eastbound lanes of traffic vehicles traveling eastbound.”

The overwhelming number of tomatoes on the road made it too slippery for cars to drive on, which caused numerous other chain reaction crashes.

Tyhurst revealed that seven vehicles were involved in the crash, with three people being transported for injuries and a fourth hospitalized due to a broken leg.

“I’m just glad there wasn’t a fatality because that easily could have been a fatality,” he said.

In order to clean up the mess the accident caused, almost all highway lanes on both sides of the interstate were closed off, causing a great deal of traffic.

“We don’t see that amount of tomatoes fall off a truck and close a highway,” Vince Jacala, a spokesman for the department, told The New York Times. “Like, usually it’s a couple here and there.”

The unusual incident caused quite a reaction from online users.

“You tell your boss you’re late for work because of a tomato spill on the highway. Do they believe you?” Andrew G. Haubner, a reporter with a CBS affiliate in Sacramento, asked.



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