Major Sports Publication HARSHLY Criticizes Coach For Harmless Act

Major sports publication, Sports Illustrated has just posted an article on high school football coach Joe Kennedy criticizing him for destroying America and threatening Democracy…by praying, apparently.

We all think this is crazy, right?

Not only that, but American football player Greg Bishop also commented that Kennedy engaging in prayer on the football field following a game would be an “erosion of a bedrock of American democracy.”

It’s hilarious to think that Bishop is seriously accusing a high school football coach of attempting to bring about the end of the American way of life just by choosing to pray on a field by himself after a game…

Following it’s publication, Sports Illustrated tweeted “SCOTUS will soon rule on the case of a public school football coach who wants to pray on-field after games.”

It added, “[Greg Bishop] on Joe Kennedy, the machine backing him and the expected result: a win for Kennedy and an erosion of a bedrock of American democracy.”

Now, the Supreme Court is weighing the case of Joe Kennedy.

Kennedy is now a former high school football coach who was fired from his job after praying on the field’s 50-yard-line after a game. As a result, he has formally accused the Bremerton School District of violating his constitutional rights to free exercise and speech.

The case is explained in full by ‘Just the News’:

Kennedy, a retired Marine, coached the football team from 2008 to 2015 and would kneel and quietly pray at midfield after every game.

While he initially prayed alone, after several games students and players joined him, even inviting players from opposing teams.

Eventually, Kennedy started giving short motivational speeches to the players who gathered after games, which sometimes included religious content and a short prayer.

After seven years of Kennedy praying on the field after games, a school administrator from a visiting team complimented Bremerton High School’s principal on the coach’s practice. The school district subsequently investigated the situation, directed Kennedy to cease the ritual, denied him a religious accommodation request, implemented a new policy to stop him from praying publicly on the football field, then suspended and fired him for continuing to do so.

According to the school district, Kennedy could not pray publicly following the end of a game while still being on duty as a coach. The district offered to let him pray in “private locations within the school building or athletic facility, or … press box.”

Kennedy filed a lawsuit with First Liberty Institute against the Bremerton School District in a federal district court in 2016, asking that he be allowed to continue coaching as the case made its way through the courts. The district court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court all denied Kennedy’s request.

However, the Supreme Court sent the case back down to the district court for further litigation. The district court and the Ninth Circuit both decided for the school district. The lawsuit was refiled with the Supreme Court in September 2021, which in January decided to hear the case.

“[T]his case presents an opportunity for the Supreme Court to review — and possibly rectify— legal precedent that has been harmful to religious freedom for decades,” First Liberty said last month.

“Public employers, especially school districts, often misinterpret their civic obligations under the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment,” argued the religious liberty legal defense group. “But now, we’ll be asking that the Court clarify the interaction of these clauses.”

The nonprofit law firm added that “a ruling in Coach Kennedy’s favor could impact public school employees nationwide, helping safeguard their constitutional rights and ensure they won’t face a difficult choice between their careers and their faith.”

Sources: WND, Foxnews, Justthenews


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