With only days to go before the election, freshly leaked documents confirm that the evil forces of darkness in Minnesota have cooked up a plot to create a new liberal “strategic direction” once President Donald Trump is reelected.

A plot to nullify the election

Conservative outlet Breitbart reports that they got their hands on a draft of a secret internal document, and they printed it to back up their claim, which “reveals that a coalition of left-wing groups in Minnesota, in fear of a win by President Trump, are planning a ‘mass mobilization.'” That sounds a lot like an evil plot to nullify the results of the election.

A conspiracy led by a domestic terror group known as TakeAction Minnesota, described as a “hub for Minnesota’s progressive movement” spelled out their evil plot in an 11-page document they call the “MN Democracy Defense Plan.” Liberals can’t seem to get their head around the fact that America doesn’t run on “mob rule” democracy, we have a Republic, if we can keep it. That won’t be easy if the liberals in Minnesota have their way.

The second section of their manifesto is called “What Will Happen.” In it they write, “we believe that regardless of the strength of the Minnesota election system, mass mobilization will and must happen in Minnesota to defend democracy.” In other words, they are expecting Biden to lose and they have a plot to do something about it ready to roll.

Rapidly spiral beyond control

Progressive liberal Democrats have had enough of law and order. If the government insists on prosecuting criminals, even the Democrats, then Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and whole cast of star Democrat Deep State leaders will end up in jail.

The only chance they have to stop it is their last ditch plot to plunge the nation into anarchy. We got a taste of it over the summer but things are poised to escalate on both sides.

TakeAction Minnesota expects, “that this mobilization will create space and opportunity for unrest, primarily in Minneapolis.” That’s a clear plot to start riots. “In this context, the situation could rapidly spiral beyond control depending on the nature of the unrest and the State’s reaction.”

They’re looking forward to a battle, but they aim to blame it on conservatives. The “right-wing,” they assert, has “the potential to incite the violence” but they’re really prepping to fight the cops. The Minneapolis Police Department, they believe, will possibly be “inciting or enabling violence.”

Police forces don’t really like it when their precinct houses and cruisers are burned to cinders. Not to mention getting hit with rocks, fireworks, frozen water bottles and blinding green lasers.

The Muslim contingent is being mobilized for this one too. The plot is full of rhetoric like this. “We have primarily seen this focused on black and brown business corridors, mosques and synagogues in the Twin Cities. It is possible black churches may also become a target.

St. Cloud and Duluth are also two cities to keep in mind given their proximity to large white nationalist geographies.” They want Sharia to be the law of the land, not the Constitution.

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