Karine Jean-Pierre

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Admits Biden Has Fact-Checkers

So, it turns out the White House is fact-checking and adjusting Biden’s statements.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was nice enough to share that information recently.

This happened after yet another Biden gaffe.

We Fix It

KJP was not having her best day with the media.

After being peppered with questions about the activities of Biden family members, she lost it a bit.

She told the journalist, “Go ask someone else.”

The questions then turned to Joe Biden and the fact he gave condolences to a person that does not exist.

After the death of former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Biden offered his condolences to his wife and daughter, Heather.

Only Richardson did not have a daughter, period.

The official transcript ended up deleting that portion of Biden’s statement.

This was KJP’s response…

The shi**, as they say, is getting deep.

With every passing day, it is more apparent that Biden is clueless and KJP is just as addicted to lying as Joe Biden.

Source: CNN

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