MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD Discovered as Democrats Attempt to Rig the Election

In a not so shocking turn of events, massive voter fraud is discovered in several states as Democrats attempt to steal the election.

Huge Voter Fraud Detected

Late last night and into the early morning hours of Wednesday, President Donald Trump had a significant lead in several crucial swing states including Georgia, Michigan, North Caroline, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

President Trump was leading Wisconsin and Michigan by a comfortable lead, however, Biden began to get huge votes dumped his way overnight.


Trump Requesting Recount in Wisconsin

Just in, the Trump campaign says that the president has immediately requested a recount in Wisconsin.

“Despite ridiculous public polling used as a voter suppression tactic, Wisconsin has been a razor-thin race as we always knew that it would be,” Bill Stepien, Trump 2020 campaign manager says in a statement.


“There have been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results. The President is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will immediately do so.”

Republicans are furious at what they are calling blatant fraud, especially in the state of Wisconsin.

Also when looking at Milwaukee the numbers are not adding up and delayed reporting is just another suspicious situation that the country is watching unfold.

Michigan – Another Big Player

Late last night, President Trump was leading big in Michigan. Out of nowhere reports show that Joe Biden is up 200,000 votes and has overtaken President Trump.

Democrats have been stunting for years to erase any sense of election integrity and it appears they are currently succeeding in this tyrannical agenda. By not allowing necessary I.D. for voters, stunting to lower the voting age, demanding nationwide vote-by-mail and committing voter intimidation, Democrats have devalued the invaluable right for the American people to pick their president.

With no clear road to victory for either candidate yet and voter fraud on the rise, many are predicting this election to fall to the courts.

  1. The security of our ballots was disgusting here in the Tucson area. Ballots where thrown into Rubber made tubs and old unlocked steel boxes with slots cut in them. Once your vote was in there, who knows what they did with it. This is not something that should happen in America . Maybe communist China, or Russia, but not here… Mr. Biden will never be my president.

  2. How is it possible for Biden to overnight gain thousands of votes with Trump not even gaining one vote? It sure looks like voter fraud to me. This is not in only one state but in several states. In my opinion there is going to be a war over all of the voter fraud that is going on. The good American people are not going to put up with all of the fraud. Those responsible for allowing the voter fraud had best watch their backs if this is not corrected.

  3. As in years past, the democratic party in and after obama was elected, the conspiracy started to steal elections using non citizens as the means and in recent years they have set up the nation and the Congress and the attitude by eventually getting democratically controlled states to pas laws highlighting mail in votes as legal but using non citizens as the people to register without proving their right to vote. This has been accomplished by trimming the requirement to register on the internet without proof of anything, in some states, showing only a driver’s license, or a residency receipt of rent or a utility receipt, or a receipt for an automobile or a workers ID card, or a student’s card. If these were with a picture it was proof enough to register to vote. Nowhere was it mentioned that only a citizen had the right to vote and required proof of citizenship was required, like a proof of birth in the U.S. or a U.S. passport, or naturalization papers, the only acceptable proof that you were a citizen and could therefore register to vote. If any fraud were experienced in the U.S. it is due to the person did so by registering to vote and voting without this proof of citizenship. Imagine that the 10 million obama led refugees and the soros million of caravans and the biden’s chinese student and workers around a million of them were going to register to vote all travelled to those 21 states controlled by the democrats and using these illegal and fraudulent methods to get to register and then could just have their ballots collected and carried to whereever they were and they all voted, it wouldn’t take many to switch the vote count in favor of who they voted for. In those states it would be the easiest way to get elected in those states and/or those states and areas. Mail in voting is not the culprit but the menas to carry it through without proper identification and proof of your right to vote and therefore treason and therefore if caught and they will get caught, and criminaized, then spend time in prison, then deported and never allowed to return to the U.S., all for the few dollars earned to vote for a crooked person that will not care if you get caught. and will not care if you and your family and future are ruined. You would be better off setting an example and spilling the beans on the criminals that set you up.

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