Jesse Watters Exposed The Truth About The Democrat’s Midterms! [WATCH]

During Jesse Watters’ show on Fox News, he reviewed Joe Biden’s chances of re-election in 2024 as well as exactly how the Dems are condemning Russia for their incoming defeat this November’s midterms. Watters mentioned that 44% of Democrats are seeking an alternative governmental candidate to run for 2024 apart from Biden.

Watters said, “The Democrats – I know, because I know Democrats – they want power. That’s the most important thing. So this poll acknowledges it.”

He additionally mentioned that according to NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National survey 44% of Democrats desire another person to be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

He proceeded:

“They [Democrats] don’t think that Joe Biden can win re-election. They think his presidency is so far costing them power in the House. Democrats obviously want their agenda enacted and so far Joe Biden has not really been effective in enacting their agenda.”

“Some people own up to it, recognize their error, and improve. Others make excuses. Show up to work late, there is traffic. Miss a pop fly, the sun was in my eyes. Forget to do your homework? Of course, the dog ate it. If you have been around long enough you probably have a pretty good b.s. detector and tell when someone is making excuses.”

Waters likewise rhetorically asked:

“So, when Democrats came out with their latest reason for why they are going to get she lacked in the midterms. It raised some red flags. Apparently, U.S. intelligence officials told the a.p. that Russia may start a new campaign to meddle in our election but they also admit that there is no evidence. This is actually going to happen. So, if there is no proof, then why is this story coming out now?”

He likewise asked:

“Well, pretty soon Democrats are going to lose as they have never lost before. And they need an excuse. Otherwise, they would have to admit that their policies are failing and voters hate them. This should sound familiar. Hillary Clinton got the Trump-Russia investigation started back in 2016. And she is already saying if Trump runs and wins in 2024, well, it’s because he cheated.” 

Watch it here: Fox News/video.

According to a CNN poll released earlier this year, most registered Democrats and also Democrat-leaning Independents are seeking other alternatives to choose for the 2024 political election:

The survey, conducted in January and February, found that 45% of Democratic-leaning and also democratic citizens intended to see the party renominate Biden in 2024, while 51% liked various prospect.

There’s more support in the party for Biden amongst citizens 45 as well as older (52% of whom desire to see him as the candidate once more), citizens of color (55%) and voters without an university level (51%). There’s additionally a gap between the 48% of self-identified Democrats who desire to see Biden renominated as well as the third of Democratic-leaning independents who really felt the exact same.

Sources: Conservative Brief, CNN, Maristpoll

H/T Patriot Nation Press

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