Scandalous Biden Video Surfaces

Well, now I think we know why current President Joe Biden’s dog keeps biting people. Shocking new video resurfaces which shows Biden appearing to kick his dog Commander. This comes after numerous biting incidents at the White House.

This week, Judicial Watch announced they are seeking a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Secret Service for records related to incidents involving President Biden’s dog Commander and reports have surfaced that show the German Shepard has bitten multiple White House staffers and Secret Service agents.

The video of President Biden appearing to kick Commander has also resurfaced in light of these reports.

Commander was recently removed from the White House after biting a staffer, but this wasn’t the first time he had caused trouble with the White House staff. From October 2022 through January 2023, Commander reportedly bit 12 Secret Service agents and other security personnel leading to an agent requiring hospitalization due to injuries on their arms and thighs after one incident in particular.

Major, another German Shepard belonging to the family was previously sent away after he too reportedly bit multiple Secret Service agents making it clear this isn’t an isolated case for Joe Biden’s pets.

In response to all this drama, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request in hopes of learning more about what happened between Joe Biden and his beloved pet pups which ultimately led them down this path with Commander and Major being sent away from the White House due to aggressive behavior issues stemming from lack of proper discipline and training on behalf of its owner.

Additionally, in some instances it is alleged that Joe even punched or kicked his dogs according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch which make this situation even worse than expected when looking at all aspects involved here.

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