Kamala Sweeps the Leg out of Under One of Biden’s Greatest Lies

Joe Biden’s State of the Union on Tuesday night was not only a baffled and chaotic rehash of his Build Back Better program, which is long dead, however it was also loaded with lies. He spoke a lot about Ukraine, but had no further favorable action to offer. He even confused the Ukrainians with the Iranians, and you could see Kamala Harris remedying it behind him. The speech was a “total disappointment,” Ukrainian Member of Parliament Oleksandra Ustinova said.

However while Biden spoke a lot about Ukraine and stated a whole lot of nothing, he stopped working to resolve the important things that he was supposed to deal with in the speech– the state of the country– and the things that were uppermost in the minds of Americans like the crushing inflation and the rising gas prices. He could not list accomplishments due to the fact that virtually everything is a failure. He spoke about inflation, but showed he had no understanding of it, and his only response for gas rates was not increasing U.S. production or cutting Russian oil– however pilfering from the Strategic Reserve.

Kamala Harris was handed over to a number of the programs Wednesday to say what an inspiring message he had actually delivered, however even she had problem making the case. Possibly because even she doesn’t think it.

She was on “CBS Mornings” with Gayle King. “The new CBS survey discovered 70 percent of Americans the Administration’s handling of inflation. What do you state to those people who state that gas costs are just too high, I can’t get peanut butter, whatever expenses more? What are you going to do?” King required to understand.

Harris had no answers, and basically said that the factor we have inflation is that things cost more. What brilliant financial understanding there!

“Listen, individuals are having a hard time, specifically working people in terms of the price of gas and food,” Harris concurred. “And the reasons include what we require to do to resolve what occurred through the pandemic, in regards to supply chain concerns, which was a reduction of the accessibility of items, and so the prices went up. We likewise require to deal with among the greatest issues– which is the cost of living. It’s too expensive for working households.”

Harris also admitted that people are having a hard time and that’s it’s too costly to live, even as Joe Biden is attempting to convince everybody what a terrific economy he’s brought us, and it’s simply that Americans do not understand that yet. So, she’s cutting the legs out from under that Biden lie and acknowledging it’s as bad as the American individuals understand that it is.

But, Harris threw out another word salad when she was asked about what the Biden team was going to do about the energy concern locally, and if they were going to cut off oil and gas regarding Russia.

Harris responds: “As it associates with what we need to do locally, as well as what we need to do in regards to this issue generally, we have, as the president stated, reevaluated what we’re carrying out in terms of the tactical oil reserve here in the United States, to ensure it will not have an effect or that we can mitigate the influence on the American consumer.”

This is so much horse hockey and not a service at all. Biden released 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But, we utilize about 18 million a day. So, what does that look after? About a day and a half of need? If the war hits the fan and rates go crazy, what are they going to do? That might currently be coming, as it’s already hitting the highest cost because 2011 and may increase to five dollars a gallon.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, stated on Monday that the average gas rate in some U.S. cities will reach $5 a gallon “in the next couple of weeks.”

Because the Biden group has actually dealt away our self-reliance, they have actually left us up a creek without a paddle– and they have no answers.


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