Clinton Lawyer Makes SHOCKING Announcement About Dominion

The Democrat elite are scurrying to control the damage from a shocking announcement Clinton family lawyer Mark Elias made in court regarding Dominion Voting Systems equipment used for a House election in upstate New York. He bravely scoffs at the rumors he may be added to a certain unofficial and ever growing “suicide body-count” list.

Dominion voting machines

Now that the dust has settled in D.C. and Imperial Leader Biden is firmly entrenched in the Oval Office, Democrats thought suing Sidney Powell would be the end of all that vote swapping nonsense.

They have some serious explaining to do now. Loyal Clinton team player Marc Elias, a well paid fixer with the notorious law firm of Perkins Coie, alleges in official court documents that “thousands of votes may have been switched or changed by Dominion voting machines.” It looks like he borrowed Powell’s Kraken for a while.

Elias is such a trusted cog in the Clinton machine that he was the one trusted to handle the whole “Christopher Steele” matter.

Now he’s questioning election integrity. Not the integrity of the Presidential selection, that’s been declared perfectly legal. He’s saying Dominion Machines were used in New York’s 22nd House district to undercount “votes for incumbent Democrat Rep. Ted Brindisi.”

When the newly installed globalists put Elias in charge of “election challenges” representing Democrats they never thought to question his tactics.

He’s been operating on his own recognizance for years and the less his handlers know about what he’s up to, the less they might have to testify about later in some congressional hearing. They were stunned when he started questioning the integrity of Dominion equipment. “Shhh! You’re not supposed to talk about that!”

Thousands of votes switched

It’s hard to picture the Democrats suing Elias for defamation the way they did Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. Tin-foil hat wearing folk expect Elias to shoot himself in the back of the head eight times with a nail gun or something.

Elias thumbed his nose at the powers that be to file public court documents alleging “that thousands of votes may have been switched or changed by Dominion voting machines.”

According to progressive pundit Rowan Scarborough, Elias has gone deplorably rogue. Marc Elias, he writes, seems to be “taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook.” The Democrats don’t care if they have to throw one of their own under the bus to stop the madness.

Elias happens to be “working a case which concerns Democratic candidate Anthony Brindisi and his run for Congress.” If it was a Republican candidate and any normal lawyer, Dominion could simply sue for defamation and think they were done.

Elias can’t even seem to keep his own story straight the spin doctors declare. After what happened in November, Elias “attacked conservatives for suggesting controversy related to the district using a questionable system ‘where thousands of Trump votes were initially recorded for Biden.'”

Suddenly, his “attack on the legitimacy of the vote counts and the Dominion system will not be treated as an attack on democracy.” Why? Because “he remains one of the leading lawyers enlisted by Biden and the Democratic party after the Steele dossier scandal.” His own insurance policy to keep from being suicided is that he knows “where the bodies are buried.”

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