John Kerry Won’t Tell Congress Who Works For Him or What He Does

John Kerry has been lurching around all over the place fighting climate change from his personal jet. He won’t tell Congress who works in his office or what he actually does to earn a paycheck. Our “Climate Czar” seems to have orders to do whatever he wants, wherever he wants, any time he wants, and bill it to the taxpayers. He doesn’t actually have anyone directing or even watching what he’s been up to.

Kerry grilled by congress

Under Barack Obama, John Kerry was the one responsible for packing the pallets of Iranian appeasement cash. After taking over the Secretary of State job from Hillary Clinton, he never really gave it up. He lets his former deputy, Antony Blinken, have the SOS title but nobody in the diplomatic world wants to have a thing to do with Blinky.

While Blinken is unwelcome in China and they won’t even take his calls, his former boss simply drops in on the Pooh Bear for tea, just to say “hi.” That jet he flies in on might be private but it’s not his. It used to be his wife’s but she sold it.

It was obvious to the pundits at New York Post that John Kerry “looked most unhappy” as he testified in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on July 12. It was clear that the Climate Czar “never expected to actually be questioned about his special role.

The way he sees it, it entitles him to both “year-round perks” and “lifelong immunity from criticism.” He’s been allegedly doing something since January 2021 and nobody seems to know what it is. He doesn’t seem to be real sure either. At least, that’s what he told Congress.

Whenever anyone asks his office what he’s responsible for, all they’re told is Climate Czar Kerry “reports simply and solely to the President.” He does whatever Joe wants him to do, whether Joe knows he’s doing it or not. Mostly, he attends parties with the global elite who spend their days and nights plotting the New World Order.

During his time in office he has jetted around the world to explain why other people shouldn’t use jets.” Hypocrisy is a word that’s not in his dictionary. In January, he told the World Economic Forum crowd in Davos that he’s on a “crusade against the climate crisis” like “the Allies’ fight against the Nazis in World War II.” That means he needs jets.

$16.7 million a year

When the bean counters in the budget office got all his receipts ran through the calculator they worked out that whatever he’s doing cost an average of $16.7 million a year over the past two and a half years. To get the funding, he listed a “proposed staff” of 45 but nobody knows how many were hired.

Apparently fighting cow farts requires an office “the same size as the office set up to defeat ISIS.” Florida lawmaker Brian Mast set up an organization chart for Kerry’s office and wanted some help filling it in. Kerry got furious about being questioned.

I would love to know the names of the individuals that actually answer to you.” It’s not an unreasonable question. Pointing at the first blank square, “who is your deputy envoy for climate?” Mast queried. Kerry refused to answer.

After gasping and sputtering about it, he finally caved in and grudgingly revealed the names “of two deputies — Rick Duke and Sue Biniaz, the second of whom he praised as ‘one of the most experienced negotiators in the world.” After that he took the fifth.

The issue of his private jet came up when Mike Waltz got his turn to quiz Kerry. Actually, it was Lurch who brought it up, “dismissing the idea that he flies around the world on a private jet as a ‘persistent lie.” Oh really? “I don’t own a private jet,” insisted Kerry. “I’ve personally never owned a private jet.” He never even thought about owning a private jet. He didn’t need to. Waltz pointed that out.

In February this year, he noted, it was reported that the Kerry family recently sold their private jet after accusations of climate hypocrisy.” Oh, that jet. “Given that fact, did John Kerry stand by his previous statement — made under oath?” He suddenly remembered it. Kerry doesn’t have to turn in a single expense report to anyone until October 2024.

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