Dems Caught Red-Handed, Judge Puts the Smack Down

Residents in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut are currently in a state of shock and outrage after shocking new revelations exposed how hundreds of absentee ballots were tampered with during the September 12 Democratic primary election. One woman, Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and a supporter of incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, was caught on camera shoving handfuls of ballots into an absentee ballot box.

The security footage obtained by John Gomes’ campaign showed clearly that something was amiss with the handling of absentee ballots. Hundreds were cast by “party operatives” which makes it impossible to determine who truly won the original election.

This illegal activity was so egregious that lawyers for Gomes deemed it “election fraud on a scale not seen in Connecticut – or anywhere else in the country – in recent history.” Even more shocking? It was all caught on video.

In light of this malfeasance, a judge has ordered a new Democratic primary for the mayoral race.

Joe Ganim had previously served as Mayor before being convicted on corruption charges which sent him to prison. After his release he ran again and won back his old job.

Now it appears even more nefarious behavior has been occurring in Bridgeport politics under his watch. According to legal briefs submitted by John Gomes’ lawyers, “multiple violations” of absentee ballot regulations occurred during the primary election including “hundreds of absentee ballots cast by party operatives” – clear evidence that calls the legitimacy of the results into question.

This scandal has caused serious concern among local residents who are demanding answers and accountability from their elected officials. The State Elections Commission has launched an investigation into what happened while Judge William Clark ruled that it was impossible to determine who would have won the original election given the scope of tampering so a new one must be held instead.

This may be just what is needed to restore faith in Bridgeport’s electoral system but until then citizens remain skeptical about their leaders’ intentions going forward.

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