Universal Basic Income Hits this State, But There’s a Catch…

There are now at least three guaranteed income initiatives in the San Francisco Bay Area that discriminate against white residents.

That’s right, these programs are limiting and or preventing residents from participating to receive essentially no-strings-attached cash.

Ironically enough, these same programs are all publicly funded…despite violating both federal and state constitution, according to lawyers. As the

Let’s also not forget the civil rights laws that ban racial discrimination in contracting and by the recipients of government funding.

The three programs in question consist of the Black Economic Equity Movement, the Abundant Birth Project, and the Guarantee Income for Transgender People.

These initiatives, financed by the NIH, California Department of Social Services as well as the city of San Francisco, dole out anywhere from $500 to $1,200 a month.

And apparently these programs are just the start of what could soon be the norm in California.

Back in 2021, lawmakers collected $35 million in grant funding for these guaranteed income pilots. And while the law did not specify any racial or ethnic qualifiers, California’s social services department stated it would only hand out grants to pilot that “center equity” and would encourage applicants to “embed an equity-focused approach throughout each dimension” of their programs, including their “eligibility.”

As the overseer of the Abundant Birth Project, the San Francisco Department of Public Health explained to the Washington Free Beacon that the program is “open to all San Franciscans,” although there is focus to reach black and Pacific Islander “pregnant and parenting people.”

Despite assurance that these programs do not use race or ethnicity as a foundation for eligibility, a December 6 press release from the director of the San Francisco health department seems to convince us otherwise.

The director, Grant Colfax, stated that grant would “help hundreds more Black birthing parents in California.”

Meanwhile San Francisco’s mayor called the project “a model to address racial birth disparities.”



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