Judge Makes Lying Jussie Smollett Wish He Never Stepped Foot into Her Courtroom

The disgraced actor Jussie Smollett would like nothing more than to bask in fame and have his horrific fake hate crime hoax go away but a judge is making sure that won’t happen.

Jussie Smollet Now Known for Another Type of Acting

Known for his role on the show “Empire,” Smollett is better known for faking his own attack where he claimed a Trump supporter attacked him for his race.

After investigations showed he paid two Nigerian brothers to help in his fake hate crime hoax, he was faced with criminal charges and lawsuits.

The City of Chicago is suing the actor not only for expenses and damages but also for defamation by the Nigerian brothers. He also faces charges and lawsuits for staging the pathetic attack.

Politicians and Celebrities Came to His Rescue

When the incident first happened, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats were quick to elevate Smollett on a platform of pure martyrdom and cried how this proves President Trump and his supporters were racists.

No apologies were offered by the disgraced actor, who was fired from his show, or from his vocal supporters.

In September, “Empire” was officially canceled and his character had no final wrap-up appearance.

Judge Disperses Justice

In a very self-righteous act, Smollett decided to pursue a countersuit against Chicago. However, Judge Virginia dismissed the case in a 15-page order.

The now infamous liar sought damages for malicious prosecution, claiming that the Chicago Police Department exposed him to “mass public ridicule and harm”.

It appears both Smollett and his lawyers did not take into consideration that he is facing six felony counts of disorderly conduct.

This means that he faces “public ridicule” because he is a criminal defendant, not because of the Chicago PD.

Judge Kendall explained: 

In a malicious prosecution case, all elements cannot be pled until the proceedings are terminated in the plaintiff’s favor.

The case that was once dismissed has returned in the form of a special prosecutor who had the ability to investigate and press criminal charges against him,” the Judge continued.

Given this, it cannot be said that the case has terminated, nor can it be said that the case has terminated in Smollett’s favor,” she concluded.

To make matters worse for the actor, the judge declared that investigators indeed had enough probable cause to arrest Smollett the first time.

The order read “there was additional evidence to corroborate the Osundairo Brothers’ statements, including suspicious texts between the parties and the deposit of a large check to Abel shortly before the attack.

Once again, he lost when Judge Kendall rejected the second malicious prosecution claim by Smollett, writing “there is no cause of action for malicious prosecution based on the Fourth Amendment.”

  1. Poor, poor Jussie… he can’t win for losing. But there is no one more deserving of the wrath of the justice system and the scorn of right-thinking Americans.

  2. Smollett’s hubris is astounding. Only an extremely naive person believed that on a wickedly bitter cold early morning in Chicago, Trump supporters would be out hunting down a lone black man or anyone for that matter. Smollett’s story never made sense and any logical person immediately knew he was lying. I hope he goes to jail for a very long time for his subterfuge and those who aided him (K Foxx, K Harris, etc.) should also serve time.

  3. Needs to be locked up for a long time especially since his failed attempt was to make this look like a hate crime. Therefore his action should also be considered a hate crime and his penalty decided according to those statutes

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