Biden DEVASTATED, Bad News Rocks White House

The first wave of post-debate polling has started to come in, and it is not good for Joe Biden.

After Donald Trump was convicted, he took a small hit in battleground states, and had actually lost his overall national polling average lead to Joe Biden.

After the debate, that has changed rather dramatically.

Bad Showing

Not only did Joe Biden lose his lead, but Trump made up ground from where he was prior to the debate performance.

In a New York Times poll, Trump has a huge 3-point swing.

In the national average, Trump went from being 0.2 percent down to 2.3 percent ahead.

Pollsters are now also running surveys based on possible Democrat replacements for Joe Biden.

The ONLY candidate that could possibly beat Trump, Michelle Obama, is not interested in running, so Democrats have really put themselves in a bad spot here.

If Biden decides to stay in the race, he will face an even bigger problem: 74 percent of voters believe that he is too old to run for office.

Biden is collapsing across the board, and his campaign has no idea what to do.

The only way to reverse this is for Biden to get out there and convince voters that he can do the job, but every public appearance that Biden has made since the debate has been a disaster.

Biden has also blatantly refused to do any type of testing for dementia or his mental cognizance, always saying that his doctors say he is fine and does not need it.

Regardless, if you really want to put these rumors to rest, take the tests and publish the results.

There is a reason they are refusing, and that is because everyone in the Biden camp is terrified that if Biden takes the tests, we are going to be proven right.

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