Joe Biden Tries to Walk it Back

Whether it be calling the sitting president of the United States a clown or telling him to “shut up, man” Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sure knows how to blunder.

Biden Makes a Blunder

While many Democrats like to call President Donald Trump a bully for his sheer tenaciousness when it comes to putting the American people first, it is the former vice president who succumbed to petty name-calling.

However, Biden is now trying to walk back his comment of calling President Trump a clown in the first presidential debate last week.


“I should have said this was a clownish undertaking instead of calling him a clown,” Biden told NBC’s Lester Holt in Miami.

“It was just very difficult,” he said. “I didn’t want to further demean the process of the debate by getting in a shouting match with him.”

Excuses, Excuses

He went on to make the excuse that Trump made it hard to engage respectfully during the debate.


During the debate, Joe Biden interrupted President Trump first and that set the stage for both candidates to interrupt each other throughout the event.

Democrat moderator Chris Wallace joined sides with the Democratic nominee to also interrupt the sitting president and not let him get too deep into questioning Biden.

“If you notice, not one single time that I can recall did he offer a substantive answer or criticism related to a policy matter. It was all invective, it was all personal, it was all things that had nothing to do with whether you’re going to change these people’s lives for the better,” Biden said during an NBC televised town hall on Monday night.

Quid Pro Joe

The known liar went on to talk about Trump’s rhetoric during the debate.

“I have dealt with more world leaders than he has face-to-face over eight years,” Biden said. “I told President [Vladimir] Putin exactly what I think of him. He knows it. … You can look back on all those international meetings I had. You can’t think of a time when I have not handled it properly. I don’t have somebody screaming at me at the next podium when I’m meeting with a world leader.”

  1. Joe Biden really likes lying. Anything he says is a lie. He attacks little girls. He has never stood up to Putin. He said nasty things about the president. We all watched it. He really is a idiot. He belongs in a nursing home not the white house. Harris is a complete failure. Pence won . Harris lost.

  2. Hey there quid pro quo pedo Joe. We followed the money and that’s all we need to know! So go on home and hide in bed, cause your chances for office are surely dead. Dear little Hunter is going to jail and you will have to pay the bail. Your reunions will be on visitation day if they’ll open the basement so you can play. Bammy told you not to run but you thought it might be fun. Now you’re paying for all your crimes , worst Vice President of all times. So give it up and go away, cause no one wants you anyway!

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