GOP Candidate Faces Possible Fines Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Holiday Display

Free speech isn’t really a thing anymore in the United States as seen by multiple instances including a Florida GOP candidate being possibly fined over associating with the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon.”

GOP Candidate in Hot Water

Martin Hyde is a Republican who is trying to primary another GOP candidate in the Sarasota area.

Hyde is facing Rep. Vern Buchanan who has the endorsement of Donald Trump and the race is for Florida’s 16th Congressional District.

The GOP candidate put up a Christmas display on December 12th, 2021 where it spelled out “Let’s Go Brandon” which was on the balcony of his house.

This got people riled up and his homeowners’ association sent him a demanding letter that told him that his sign isn’t permitted. He is facing $150 fines every day that he keeps the sign up.

LGB Still Going Strong

The now-famous phrase of “Let’s Go Brandon” first came about in October when people were chanting “ F**k Joe Biden” at a Superspeedway race. The first-place driver was named Brandon and when the broadcaster was interviewing him she tried to explain away the chants against Biden by saying that the people were actually chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

When asked if the phrase was appropriate with the Christmas spirit, Hyde said agreed it was.

“It’s fully in keeping with my personality and my campaign,” Hyde said. “Anybody who doesn’t like it, it’s one street … don’t come.

“Did I know it was provocative? Absolutely. Did I expect it to take on this level? No.”

Not Backing Off

Instead of giving in to the threats, the Republicans upped the game and put out an even larger sign the showed the letters #FJB.

“When you poke the bear, there are outcomes and circumstances,” Hyde said.

Hyde said that he wasn’t breaking any rules with his tiny, 9 inches tall “Let’s Go Brandon” display and said it should not be considered a sign.

“They are individual letters that light up, that’s lights where I come from,” he said.

“If I put a message up there they liked, they’d be slapping me on the back,” Hyde told the Herald-Tribune. “It’s got everything to do with they don’t like what it says.”

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