Leo Terrell making his announcement on Fox News

Civil Rights Attorney Drops Bombshell Announcement About Trump that Has Dems Shaking in Fear

Civil rights attorney and former Democrat Leo Terrell has made an exciting announcement about President Trump’s chances in the November election.

Leo Terrell, a former Democrat, previously announced that he will be voting Republican for the first time in his life this November, citing President Trump’s record on civil rights. Recently, he announced that he knows a lot of other black voters will be joining him.

“I brought over 300,000 black Democrats to vote for Trump. I’m bringing more and more and more… Trump is going to get the highest number of black votes ever in modern-day history for a Republican. Black voters are voting for Trump,” Terrell said.

Terrell made this announcement on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, where he was being interviewed along with Kimberly Klacik, who is running for Congress as a Republican in Baltimore:

Proof in the Polls

President Trump only received 8% of the black vote in 2016, but recent polls show that number has increased significantly.

A Hill-HarrisX survey conducted from August 22-25, which included the first two days of the Republican National Convention, found that 24% of black voters approved of President Trump.

According to a recent poll by Emerson, President Trump will take 19% of the black vote, while Biden takes 77%.

Rasmussen also has President Trump’s approval among black likely voters up significantly:

There is a well-known saying in the political world that if a Republican can get at least 20% of the black vote, the Democrat party would never win an election again. Even RealClearPolitics acknowledged this in an article from 2018, stating: “Even a small drop in African-American turnout or anything less than the usual 85 percent to 90 percent supermajority for a Democratic presidential candidate on Election Day can prove fatal.”

More Evidence

Since 2016, many groups have emerged of minority voters who have decided to leave the Democrat party and vote for President Trump and Republicans.

A group of black conservatives at a Freedom Rally protest in California were interviewed about their beliefs about President Trump, and their clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters:

Will President Trump make this historic gain for the Republican party? These recent polls, as well as the emergence of groups such as #WalkAway, #Blexit, and Blacks for Trump, are serious indicators that President Trump will defy expectations in November.

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