Joe Biden Declares MAJOR DISASTER... We Thought He Was Discussing His Career

Joe Biden Declares MAJOR DISASTER… We Thought He Was Discussing His Career

Joe Biden has signed a major disaster declaration for parts of Texas after severe winter weather in the state. Of course, his partial approval of Governor Greg Abbott’s appeal for federal help just illustrates even more why his entire presidency is a disaster.

Half-Measures to Help

Governor Abbott pushed for individual and public assistance for all 254 counties in Texas, and called Biden’s disaster declaration only a “partial approval” of his appeal for help.

The declaration approved individual assistance for only 77 counties, and public assistance for emergency protective measures for all 254 counties. Individual assistance is necessary, as it is given directly to residents who have “sustained losses.”

“While this partial approval is an important first step, Texas will continue to work with our federal partners to ensure all eligible Texans have access to the relief they need,” Abbott said in statement.

At least 69 deaths have been reported as a result of the severe winter weather across the United States.

Biden Isn’t Helping

Biden has announced that he hopes to visit Texas next week, but in the mean time, he’s done practically nothing for the state.

Ben Shapiro spoke on his show about the lack of help from the Biden administration during this natural disaster, and about the mainstream media covering for Biden.

“Joe Biden has been completely absent, like really absent. He signed the emergency declaration, I believe, over the last 48 hours. And, the take from the politics section at the Washington Post is that Biden is doing amazing!” Shapiro says.

Shapiro even quotes a Democrat representative from Texas, Colin Allred, who says that Biden should have visited the state already.

“This has been something like the Dark Ages here in Texas. I mean, people are burning their furniture and their fences for warmth and for heat. They’re finding older folks literally frozen to death in their beds. When the president has toured — seen the damage, spoken to the people who were affected — I think that makes it a little bit hard to say, ‘Well, I’m sorry, you’re going to be on your own,’ ”Allred said.

Somehow, they praise Biden for things that seem criticism-worthy, using words like “low-key” where, if it were Trump, they would use words like negligent.

“As the Biden administration faces its first natural disaster, the president himself is taking a notably low-key approach. He has not visited the stricken region or delivered prime-time remarks; he did not mention the disaster at a recent town hall; and he is studiously avoiding the controversy over whether wind energy or fossil fuels are to blame for widespread power failures,” the Washington Post reported.


If Joe Biden is going to be the kind of leader that avoids these major issues, he’s not going to win much support from the American people. His failure to lead in this critical time speaks volumes.

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