Intel on The Democrat Who Introduced Articles of Impeachment of Trump: A BLM and Antifa Collaborator

Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin has introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump. But what do we know about Raskin? According to The HollowNet, the Trump obsessed Raskin in a “outburst of impotent rage” began pushing to remove the President in 2017 with a laughable 25th Amendment attempt in the then GOP controlled House. Raskin is a radical progressive-socialist deeply involved with the Democratic Socialists of America, and is a defender and collaborator of BLM and Antifa.

Hostile to Religion

Raskin, who was touted by Huffpo as “the first nontheist serving in the US Congress” readily mocks religious gatherings when discussing COVID19. Raskin has stated “There is no religious immunity to this disease” and holds the belief that “There is no free exercise exemption to universal public health orders.” In other words: the government’s orders override the US Constitution. Congressman Raskin has said again and again that federal, state and locally mandated “public health policies and orders” overrule the first amendment,

In a May 23rd press release Raskin wrote,


“Nothing in the Constitution gives the President the power to usurp Congressional authority to enforce the people’s rights of Equal Protection, religious free exercise, or freedom of assembly.”

“Religions are legitimately governed by neutral, universally applicable laws.” he continued.

Raskin then places churches, temples and synagogues on equal standing with political parties, businesses and schools saying “A private church has no more right to endanger the health of its members or the rest of the public than does a private school or a political party.” The first amendment however, specifically calls out the free expression of religion in particular, which implicitly tells us so did the founding fathers.

Yet again and again Raskin mocks religious Americans,


“People certainly have a right to believe in religious miracles and to engage in magical thinking, as the president does, but the states have no obligation or power to operate on that basis.”

BLM and Antifa Collaborator

Congressman Raskin is a big-time BLM supporter referring to them as “non-violent assemblies of millions of people” and believes whole-heartedly that, “The preliminary results suggest, and I know because I’ve been to a lot of the Black Lives Matter protests, that people not getting infected as much because they are observing those (COVID19) rules.” as reported by Hannity in July.

Raskin is well known in BLM circles and by the Democratic Socialists of America as a radical member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, he was even endorsed by the Metro DC DSA in 2016. Raskin once elected then, co-headlined a BLM rally with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  in July 2019, just one rally of the “lot of” the BLM protests he claims to have attended.

Deny, Project and Protect

As Breitbart has reported, Raskin “denied reports of Antifa operatives hijacking Black Lives Matter protests to incite violence during a House Oversight Committee hearing Monday. Instead saying, “We know that Proud Boys, the Ku Klux Klan, other white supremacist groups are there,”  And since illegally releasing a 2006 FBI report on “White Supremacist groups infiltration of Law Enforcement” in America has continually redirected national attention toward his favorite ‘boogeymen’, either mentioning “Proudboys, the Boogaloo or Klu Klux Klan” whenever he should be pointing to the violence and destruction of his BLM and Antifa allies. A true collaborator indeed, and in this latest ill-conceived impeachment attempt he’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s standard bearer.

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