Americans Are NOT Qualified…And China Knows It

Americans aren’t even close to ready for a real fight and Xi Jinping knows it. Four Star General Xavier Brunson gave a shockingly frank answer for why recruitment numbers are the worst since Vietnam. Too many members of Generation Z, he snaps, are either criminal gangsters or too fat to climb off the couch.

Americans aren’t qualified

The military depends on a steady supply of young, healthy Americans to serve in the armed forces. It’s drying up like the Colorado river and the big brass isn’t happy. Lieutenant General Xavier Brunson is commander of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state.

He doesn’t like driving out through the gate and avoids it as much as possible. The civilian madness he sees in Seattle gives him nightmares. A statement was issued by the Army in July that warned they “wouldn’t meet its 485,000 recruitment goal for 2022, falling short by a staggering 20,000 recruits.

When General Brunson was asked his opinion on why the numbers are so bad, he didn’t hold back. While others speculate that the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame, the General disagrees. Young Americans are just too fat, fu**ed up, or felonious to fight.

Some of the challenges we have are obesity, we have pre-existing medical conditions, we have behavioral health problems, we have criminality, people with felonies, and we have drug use.

It’s not just an Army problem either. The woke liberals need to wake up, he insists, all of society is at stake. Useless young Americans are an “American problem.” He isn’t thrilled that the joint chiefs are dropping standards to round up warm bodies.

To increase recruitment numbers, the Army plans to ‘lower the gates‘ and find new ways to appeal to the armed services to youth.” That’s a huge challenge when “Only 23% of the people that are of age to serve are actually qualified.

What’s going on with our youth

General Brunson proclaims “this is now a condition. This is not an Army problem, so nationally what we have to look at is what’s going on with our youth.” Americans in the 18 to 25 age bracket “said they know about the Army, but a recent national survey conducted by the US Army indicated otherwise.

The Pentagon needs to start recruiting soldiers in kindergarten. Brunson relates “the Army has developed a new pre-training program to help young recruits get up to speed before enrolling in the armed services.

Today’s young Americans aren’t as healthy as they should be. They know everything about all the new genders but have no idea that joining the military can help you buy a home, retire early or pay for college.


They have been brainwashed into rejecting home ownership entirely, don’t want to do the work it takes to retire from something, and Joe Biden just paid for everyone’s college. Why take a risk of someone shooting you? They see that as a “poor work-life balance.

The propaganda ministry decided to focus the attention of Gen-Z Americans on “influencers.” As Brunson informs, the “Army plans to maintain its standards, focus on quality, and invest in youth. Educators will be a key component in reaching potential recruits by teaching the various opportunities the army offers.

They have a new “Future Soldier Program in South Carolina, that strives to help potential recruits prepare for academic and physical requirements to enlist.” Tutors to undo the liberal brainwashing and fitness coaches to chase them around an obstacle course.


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