If You See This Man Outside A Waffle House, You Should Consider Yourself Lucky…

One story displaying little acts of kindness has been posted in a Twitter thread and is currently viral.

Political writer and filmmaker Kevin Cate stopped by a Waffle House in Gadsen County when he discovered an old man sitting alone at a table with a bunch of loose cash and pieces of paper with writing saying “Love everybody.”

Cate questioned the man’s actions, to which his responded that he had been giving $1 and $5 to random people he meets at his favorite breakfast restaurant for almost ten years now.

And the words on the note hold a lot of significance, as the unnamed man shared that they were the last words of his mother, which he now hopes to spread her message in his own way.

Cate reported that the man has given away more than $13,000 to people he has met at the Waffle House since 2014.

The writer was quick to share the heartwarming story on Twitter which has since gone viral with thousands of likes and retweets.

“Clearly his mom’s love is still with him,” Cate ended the thread. “And now all of us.”

Here are some comments from folks online:

“Thank you for taking the time to talk to this gentleman and sharing his story. He has no idea how many people his mother’s message has touched people far and wide today…and we didn’t get money or the note. We got the love his mama intended!  What a legacy she left.”

“This is wonderful. How awesome that you took the time to talk with him and share his story!”

“He’s absolutely right. All the great religions boil down to one theme: love thy neighbor.”

“This is the kindest and sweetest story i have read in a long while. His gentle face and words say everything.  thank you for loving us all, you have passed it on out until the world”

“Thank you so much for posting this because my faith in humanity has really taken a bad turn for the worst lately. I love this concept”

Sources: Westernjournal, Fox59, Fox4kc


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