Army Veteran Delivers Instant Justice To Purse Thief Inside Walmart [Video]

The last thing this purse snatching thief expected to experience was a dose of instant justice from an Army veteran, but that’s just what was in store for him. Now, a New Hampshire woman, Walmart guests and people nationwide are hailing the veteran as a hero who jumped into action when he was needed most.

When it comes to doing the right thing, some people will always rise above and beyond the call of duty. This is certainly true of 43-year-old Army veteran Rick White who recently stopped a purse snatcher from getting away with his crime at a local Manchester Walmart.

According to police, 51-year old Rhonda Healey had been shopping for greeting cards when a thief grabbed her wallet and tried to make off with it. But with quick thinking and bravery, White was able to take down the suspect and return Healey’s wallet back to her safe and sound.

Rick White had just returned home from a 9-month deployment in Afghanistan when he heard the screams of Rhonda Healey asking someone to stop the thief who had taken her wallet. Without hesitation, this brave man leapt into action going after the much younger suspect who he saw taking off in a black hooded sweatshirt.

Quickly subduing him, White pinned him down in an arm bar until authorities arrived as onlookers snapped photos of this impressive scene. It was later revealed that 24 year old Alan White was arrested and charged with theft for his actions that day.

“I grabbed him and tossed him to the ground,” explained Rick White according WCVB5 news station. “He tried to hit and grab me. I sat on him until the police came.”

Describing how he subdued Alan further, Rick said “I put him in a wrist lock and put him in an arm-bar and when I did that, it took the fight right out of him.” After returning Rhonda’s wallet back safely she thanked our hero saying “it’s nice to know there’s really good people out there”.

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