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Love Of Pop Tarts Leads To Movie, Millions In Tax Credits From California

Several big time Hollywood productions will be filmed in California after the state issued more than $60 million in tax credits to companies like Netflix, Disney, Amazon, and Warner Bros. in exchange for the filming within the state.

One of those films is entitled “Unfrosted,” a movie depicting the history of the invention of the Pop Tart, starring Jerry Seinfeld.

It may sound strange, but the stand-up comic has long expressed his love for the tasty breakfast treat. It turns out, he also loves lower taxes.

Variety reported that Netflix — the team behind the “Unfrosted” movie — was given $14.2 million in tax credits for the Seinfeld film. The comedian and lead character in the 1990s sitcom which bears his surname was ecstatic to have the opportunity to work in California again.

“We are so happy to get the California tax credit which enables us to make our whole movie there,” Seinfeld said according to Variety.

“Having made all of the ‘Seinfeld’ series in L.A., I very much wanted to come back and shoot there again,” he added. “On behalf of everyone working on the movie, we really appreciate the great welcome.”

Seinfeld will also be writing, directing, and producing the movie.

The California Film commission, which is a government agency that works to develop the movie industry in the state, recently announced the tax credits.

Variety also reported that similar tax incentives in other states prompted California issuing a record amount of tax credits to stay competitive and keep business within the state:

In all, the commission awarded a record-setting $149.2 million in credits for 30 films. The credits allow the companies to offset their state tax liability, and are used as a tool to keep production from fleeing to other states, which also offer tax incentives.

Those states include Georgia, which gave out more than 1 billion in tax credits to movie production companies between 2007 and 2017, according to reporting by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Over the past decade, Georgia has handed out more than $1 billion in tax credits to movie and TV production companies like Sony and Disney in a program that is among the most generous in the world. It has made the state the third busiest  in terms of films and TV shows in the country behind only New York and California.

Other celebrities awarded — such as Jennifer Garner — also expressed their appreciation for the low taxes. Garner will be starring in a new Netflix comedy titled “Family Leave.”

Variety reported that Garner said the tax credits will allow her to stay close to family:

“As an actor, producer and mother, it’s impossible to overstate what shooting locally means to me and other families in this industry,” Garner said in a statement. “I’ve been lucky to work with some of the greatest crew members of my career here in California, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with some of my home team friends on this project.”

As for why Seinfeld loves Pop Tarts: For at least a decade, he has included a bit in his stand-up routine about his love for the pastries and how they bring back amazing childhood memories.

“The Pop Tart by the way … I was about eight and they invented the Pop Tart — the back of my head blew right off,” Seinfeld says in the bit. “Right? Do you remember? I was in the supermarket aisle with my mother and I’m like, ‘Hold it, hold up! Hold everything — what the hell is that? Fruit-filled frosted rectangles in a box? The food is in the shape of the box? What is this?”

“You open the box they’re not even in there, they’re in packets,” he continued. “Remember the packets lined with some kind of metallic alloy from NASA to protect them from gamma rays and Russian satellites that might shoot at your brown sugar cinnamons, you have to protect them.”

A portion of that bit can be seen here:

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