If Sarah Huckabee is Elected, HERE is Her First Vow

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is on a mission while running for the governor of Arkansas and her first vow if elected is a big one.

From White House to Governorship

As the popular former White House Press Secretary, Huckabee Sanders made a vow that she would not force a mask or vaccine mandate on the people of Arkansas.

The Washington Post recently reported that Joe Biden’s administration is considering enforcing harsh mask mandates once again. They say this is due to trying to reduce the spread of the delta variant, which some people are skeptical that this particular variant even exists.


Going against the Democrats’ agenda, Huckabee Sanders said: “if I’m elected governor here in Arkansas, we will not have mask mandates.”

Sanders became well-known for her high level of competency acting as the press secretary for President Donald Trump. She also said that she would not force churches to shut down as well as allow schools to open and people to gather as they see fit.


Huckabee Sanders Stands for Freedom

Politicians, particularly governors, stripped Americans of their constitutional rights in 2020 when COVID was making its way onto the scene. Democrat politicians now want that trend to continue of forcing the masses to bow to the government.

Huckabee Sanders showed her loyalty to truth and freedom when she worked under President Trump and now continues to use that passion to govern the people of Arkansas.

She has also called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to stop undermining the Operation Warp Speed on “vaccines” that Trump supposedly spearheaded.

Hoping for Another Political Win

The former press secretary is no stranger to the political realm. She was her fathers’, Mike Huckabee, national political director for his presidential bid in 2008. Her father also was the governor of Arkansas and had popularity among Republicans for his leadership.

If Huckabee Sanders wins the governorship, the people of Arkansas can count on her vow to not entrap them into mask and vaccine mandates.

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