Fox Host Shuts Down Race-Baiting Hawk Newsome With These 7 Words

Fox Host Shuts Down Race-Baiting Hawk Newsome With These 7 Words

Fox News host Martha MacCallum refused to allow race-baiting BLM activist Hawk Newsome to push her around on her show, shutting him down with just seven words.

Hawk Newsome’s Threats

Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome has been getting a lot of attention as of late after he vowed that there would be “bloodshed” if New York City’s Mayor-elect Eric Adams were to reinstitute a plainclothes police unit as he promised that he would do upon being elected.

“If he thinks that they’re going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we’re going to take to the streets again,” Newsome said after attending a meeting with Adams in November.

“There will be riots. There will be fire, and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people,” he added.

Even after Newsome’s threat, Adams — a former New York Police Department captain — refused to back down, stating: “This is what I’m going to do. That was my promise and I’m going to keep it.”

He has continued to maintain that position over the past few weeks.

“We’re not going to surrender to those who are saying we’re going to burn down New York. Not my city,” Adams said during an event on December 9th.

Fox News Appearance

The day after Adams’ event, Newsome appeared on Fox News. Speaking with host Martha MacCallum, he said that Adams “is engaging in a political circus — and my parents didn’t raise a clown.”

“Look at what happened after we engaged in this back and forth. He was on [Stephen] Colbert, he was on Anderson Cooper, he was on Bill Maher. I made him famous, right, for this spat we had. And if the mayor truly cared about what’s best for the city, he would’ve talked about the things we agreed upon in that meeting. But didn’t want to discuss that, Martha. He just wants the hype and the attention,” Newsome added.

It appears that Newsome thinks he has more power than he actually does. The fact that he is claiming that he made the new mayor of New York City famous because of an argument is laughable. One could easily argue it as the other way around. Regardless, MacCallum responded to this little rant by bringing up the city’s rising crime problem.

Instead of discussing crime, Newsome said that “people are starving” and that they “need jobs and opportunity.”

Of course, MacCallum agreed with that statement, as anyone should.

“Absolutely, do what you can to keep the kids safe and let the police officers go out and keep those same kids safe. Because they’re dying at the hands of gangs,” MacCallum said.

The two then began to talk over each other for a while, before Newsome went exactly where everyone on the left always goes when they are losing the argument: he played the race card.

According to him, MacCallum didn’t “know what it’s like, you don’t know what it’s like to be pulled over and thrown up against walls.”

She agreed to that statement.

Then, he said: “You live from a place of white privilege, where you don’t –”

This is where she stopped him. “Come on, don’t throw that at me!” MacCallum said.

“You know what? I want this whole city, people of every background, faith, color to be safer,” she said. “And what I see on the street is that that is not what is happening since this unit was disbanded.”

MacCallum is, of course, correct. But Hawk Newsome doesn’t see it that way. He and the rest of Black Lives Matter see everything through a lens of oppression that doesn’t allow them to see the bigger picture, or see what their policies are doing to their own people.

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