Breaking: Lawsuit Filed Against Dominion ‘Will Air Evidence of Fraud’

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell joined Steve Bannon in the War Room again this week to discuss the new legal offensive being launched by the conservative business leader who has pioneered efforts to expose the rampant irregularity and allegations of significant electoral fraud in the 2020 Election.

Lindell announced on the June 3rd show that he will be levying suit against Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatics and their attorneys as well. It seems that they are becoming increasingly desperate to quell any notions of electoral fraud.

Surprisingly Lindell indicated that CNN’s Jim Acosta has been reaching out to him regarding his upcoming legal battle and the brand new release of the next segment in his “Absolute” series of films documenting the investigation of the election with “Absolutely 9-0“. This latest video to be censored by the mainstream which outlines Lindell’s evidence of China’s involvement in the compromise of the American electoral system.

Mike Lindell alluded to this legal battle of David and Goliath in late April , and has kept his followers appraised through his new platform FrankSpeech and is a frequent guest of Steve Bannon’s. Lindell has produced a long series of videos at his own expense, painstakingly documenting his teams investigation of fraud allegations and election manipulation.

The Lawsuit Is Already Being Maligned In The Press

They Never Stopped Maligning Lindell For His Serious Investigation Of Fraud

Mike Lindell is coming out swinging against the cadre of voting system manufacturers desperate to silence him and his investigation into suspected widespread election fraud in 2020. Their biggest mistake was targeting the MyPillow company and not Lindell himself as an individual.

Lindell is now returning fire in kind, pressing suit against Dominion and Smartmatic with their attorneys as ‘co-conspirators’, in the suit he alleges they undertook a coordinated effort, “weaponizing the litigation process to silence political dissent and suppress evidence showing voting machines were manipulated to affect outcomes in the November 2020 general election.”

According to the DailyBeast, Lindell’s lawsuit invokes the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO standard in identifying Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatics as co-conspirators seeking to defame and damage not only Lindell himself but also his business.

Specifically Lindell is charging that Dominion, Smartmatics and their attorneys as co-conspirators engaged in a systematic enterprise of “defamation, abuse of process, and depriving Lindell of his civil rights under color of state law.”

Business Insider reported, “As well as financial damage, Lindell also received death threats because of the “cancel culture” the two companies created, the filing said.”

“MyPillow made no statements about Dominion,” Lindell’s lawyers wrote in Thursday’s filing. “Instead, by suing MyPillow, Dominion seeks to punish Lindell for his statements by damaging his reputation, his finances, and his business.”

“This campaign of lawfare is intended to stifle any and all public debate about the reliability of the election results, whether such speech is related to Dominion or not,” Lindell’s lawyers wrote.

The Mainstream Media’s Hysterics About An August Reinstatement of Trump Probably Came From Lindell

“If Trump is saying August, that is probably because he heard me say it publicly,” Lindell told the Daily Beast June 3rd, though he said he doesn’t “know for sure.”

“The month of August, for this, is subjective,” he said. “It is my hope that Donald Trump is reinstated, after all the proof comes out, by the end of August, but I don’t know if it’ll be that month, specifically. I started saying August … about four weeks ago. That was my estimation. I spoke about it with my lawyers who said that they should have something ready for us to bring before the U.S. Supreme Court by July. So, in my mind, I hope that means that we could have Donald Trump back in the White House by August. That’s how I landed on August, and I’m hopeful that that is correct.”

What Happens If Lindell Succeeds? …We Don’t Know.

According to Lindell’s statements, he is anticipating his case to be taken up by the Supreme Court of the United States at some point in the third or fourth week of July. He expects that the Supreme Court will find the evidence of election tampering and fraud to be irrefutable and it will result in a 9-0 ruling from the highest court in the land, resulting in the overturning of the 2020 Electoral result.

Needless to say there is no mechanism in the United States Constitution or legal precedent which explicitly addresses this sort of scenario, so there are many possible results. We can theorize a few, but we are really in the undiscovered country here.

  1.  If as Lindell surmises and former Trump attorney Sidney Powell has suggested, the Supreme Court could potentially rule the acceptance of the Electoral College votes as unconstitutional due to electoral interference and fraud imposing a ruling that invalidates the results and requiring any one of a number of actions such as:
    1. Invalidating the Electoral College Count per Article II Section 1 of The US Constitution and invoking the Section 1 Congressional contingency referring the vote to the House Congressional Delegations, a vote which Trump is likely to win. This seems the most likely as it wouldn’t disrupt the currently seated Congress and Democrats would remain in de Facto control until 2022. This would doubtlessly result in a 3rd impeachment attempt.
    2. Limited emergency snap-elections only in states where ballot corruption has been confirmed. This option is less likely as it would also effect the composition of Congress representing a greater Constitutional Crisis of the Judicial branch impacting BOTH the Executive and Legislative.
    3. A full emergency snap-election, essentially re-running the entire 2020 Election nationwide. This is the least likely as it is highly unlikely that Congress or the States would accept the massive expense and chaos involved, and this is the most likely scenario to result in wide-spread civil unrest, as the legitimacy of the ENTIRE Federal Government would be invalidated.
    4. The absolute least likely scenario of President Trump winning: both he and Vice President Pence are simply “reinstated” along with the 116th Congress as the last “legitimately” elected members of both branches until a new vote can be organized on the next cycle, likely the 2022 election. (Antifa & BLM would collectively lose what is left of their minds and torch American cities for another 180 days AT MINIMUM)
  2. The Supreme Court inexplicably rules against Lindell, nothing changes except Mike Lindell is out A LOT of money, and the Election of 2020 has finally been heard and adjudicated. At least we can say we had our day in court.
  3. Unfortunately the most likely possible scenario based upon past performance: SCOTUS simply refuses to hear Lindell’s case at all. Nothing changes, America becomes even angrier and more polarized adding more fuel to the fire that seems inevitable.

However, for kicks and giggles let’s consider that in each of the “Trump Wins” scenarios one serious question exists:

Who presides in the interim? Common reasoning would suggest that the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be invalidated as would the re-election of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence under option “a”. So who becomes President during the interim month or so while the dust settles?

Brace yourself: per the 25th Amendment and 3 U.S. Code § 19 : Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi.

Effing Oooof.

Under option “b” the answer is still.. Pelosi.. ugh.

And under option “c” it gets kind of scary and interesting. For all intent and purpose the entire 2020 Election is invalidated. Therefore, the Congressmen and Senators who were “voted out” would conceivably be called back to D.C. to reconvene the 116th United States Congress as they sat as of January 3rd, being the last “legitimately elected” legislature. While that means tricky Chucky Schumer would lose his gavel… Nancy would still have hers.

So we may get President Trump back under this scenario, but no matter how you slice it, at least for a month or too….. Lord help us. Hail to the Chieftess. It seems even when you win some, you lose some. That’s going to be a rough month.

Pelosi Now Is For Overturning A Certified Election Should Biden..

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