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Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Ceases to be Fake News

The Hunter Biden laptop story was almost unanimously dismissed as dangerous fake news by the mainstream media during the 2020 election. Reports of a laptop containing evidence of corruption, nepotism, and a sea of other material for scandals were suppressed by social media platforms and described as an invention of the far-right or Russia. Now the mainstream media is admitting that this was never the case and that the laptop really does exist.

Hunter Biden scandal resurfaces

The New York Times and other liberal publications are finally confessing that the laptop story is at least partially true, now that the damage is done and Biden is safely in office.

Most Americans who became aware of the existence of the Hunter Biden story assumed that it was a fiction because most of the media adamantly claimed that it was.

Rather than investigating serious scandals surrounding a presidential candidate like legitimate journalists, the media succeeded in almost completely suppressing the story until well after the election.

This should be concerning for a country that considers itself to be a haven of independent-minded reporting and resistance to propaganda.

Those concerned about Russians falling victim to propaganda should recall that many of them lived through the Soviet Union and have developed a healthy cynicism about what their government and media tell them.

Americans have historically assumed that their government and media are trustworthy and would not knowingly peddle outright lies. Skepticism is spreading, but no one is immune to the pervasive effects of propaganda.

Media ignores corruption

Hunter Biden has a lengthy record of degenerate and criminal behavior and his father has repeatedly used his offices to secure jobs for him.

It is misguided or intentionally deceptive for the mainstream media to argue that the son of a president should not be subjected to political scrutiny, as the laptop scandal implicates the president as well.

The media had no real excuse for refusing to examine the Hunter Biden story other than their desire to see his father win the election.

Hunter’s recent foray into the world of modern art was a blatant money laundering scheme that enabled wealthy individuals to legally purchase favor with the president.

Like the laptop’s alleged tales of international corruption and bribery, these activities are still ignored by a media establishment which eagerly published unsubstantiated rumors about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

An official denial of the laptop’s existence from the Biden campaign was enough to inspire the media to collectively denounce the story as right wing fake news. What else might they be covering up?

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