Lia Thomas

Biological Male Lia Thomas Crowned as Women’s National Champion

Transgender UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas continued his one-man campaign to dismantle college athletics by winning first place in a NCAA final in Atlanta last week. Thomas defeated a field of female swimmers to claim the gold, though the audience both in the stands and on social media preferred to congratulate silver medalist Emma Weyant instead, given that she had been the fastest woman in the race.

Lia Thomas predictably defeats female competitors

Thomas participated in and won the  500 yard freestyle final despite widespread protests and complaints about the unfairness of the situation.

Weyant was celebrated on social media as the true winner anyway. The  University of Virginia student, who won a silver medal at last year’s Olympics in Tokyo, received much more enthusiastic applause from the stands as well.

She has not commented publicly on the controversy, but  third and fourth place swimmers Erica Sullivan and Brooke Forde have previously.

Both have claimed that they fully support Thomas and other transgender individuals in women’s sports. On the podium, however, Sullivan could be seen glowering at Thomas and his national champion status.

The three fastest females posed together for photos on the podium at some distance from Thomas, their progressive statements apparently forgotten for the moment as the audience hailed them as the real medalists.

Weyant’s silence on the matter may imply that she disagrees with allowing Thomas to swim, or she may simply prefer to avoid the controversy. Either way, she has unintentionally placed herself at the center of that controversy.

A controversy that shouldn’t exist

Whatever they may say about it publicly, all of the competitors are aware that they are losing to a male swimmer if they find themselves racing against Lia Thomas.

Critics have attempted to focus on the issue of fairness in women’s sports and the interests of the swimmers who are losing their chances to win the medals they deserve.

This is all skirting around the key point, which is that “Lia Thomas” is a man pretending to be a woman and being indulged by the collective apathy and cowardice of American society.

By definition, no serious country could ever face this quandary of what to do with a transgender athlete; had conservatives drawn a solid red line on this subject ten or even five years ago this would not be an issue.

As soon as the debate turns to just how far we should go to indulge the delusions of people like Lia Thomas the entire cause is already lost. Protesting against his participation in these races is ultimately impotent if does not deny the fundamental basis of the argument.

Unless gender swapping and pronoun changing is entirely purged from American culture, the Emma Weyant’s of the future will only ever be able to hope for second place.

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