How His Quick Thinking And A Trampoline Saved A Whole Family

After a fire began to engulf his apartment complex, one heroic teenager stepped in to save people in the building.

17-year-old Pennsylvania resident Falon O’Regan has been applauded for his quick thinking and actions, as he used a nearby trampoline to allow neighbors to escape the fiery apartment in the early morning hours.

It was around 12:50 a.m. when O’Regan had noticed that the apartment complex had caught on fire and he realized he had to act fast. According to Fox News, the Bentleyville Fire-Rescue shared that multiple people had become stuck in the building after the fire started.

The Daily Mail spoke with O’Regan who recounted his experience:

“I opened the door … and I was flabbergasted, I stared at it for a couple of seconds, closed it, grabbed the stuff that I could, broke a door, broke a window, and I jumped,” he said.

Quick thinking caused O’Regan to grab his important belongings and open a window for his pets to escape before rushing to help others.

At first he had considered using a swimming pool to rescue people, however realized it would be far too heavy to move.

That’s when he decided to use the trampoline.

“Me and Robert, my neighbor downstairs, had to move the trampoline from the side of the house to the three bedrooms on the last part of the house because they would’ve gotten hurt if we didn’t,” O’Regan told a local news outlet.

Understandably, residents were reluctant to jump out of a window, however it seems there was no other way out. “I had to talk them into jumping,” O’Regan recalled, per the Daily Mail. The outlet reported that two adults, two dogs, and two children jumped to safety using the trampoline.

Here’s what Resident Michael Groots said, according to WCAU-TV.

“You look out the window and the fire’s starting through your doorway and you literally have fire coming at you and you have to jump. You have to jump. There’s no other option.”

Three people were taken to a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation while another was looked at for a leg injury following the jump.

An investigation has been open to determine how the fire started.

Twelve adults and six children all made it out of the building and are currently being taken care of by the Red Cross.

Watch the video report here: WTAE-TV/Youtube

Sources: WesternJournal, WPXI-TV, Fox News, Daily Mail, WCAU-TV


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