Hard Evidence of Body Dismemberment Emerges From Trash

Several items recovered from the trash give prosecutors the hard evidence they needed, even though the body of Ana Walshe hasn’t been found. Her husband, Brian, was arraigned for her murder on Wednesday. Prosecutors believe they have more than enough evidence to proceed. For instance, Brian’s DNA was “found on a Tyvek suit along with several other items.” Disturbing items. Ones that indicate she was dismembered.

Evidence in the trash

On Wednesday, January 18, prosecutors took Brian Walshe to court for arraignment, based on evidence they found in his trash. They officially charged him with the murder of his wife, Ana Walshe, along with “improper transport of a body.” He’s not about to admit anything and pleaded not guilty on all charges. Besides careless with what he throws away, Brian’s not real computer savvy, it seems.

Investigators found “a trove of Google searches.” He thought he could cover his tracks by using his son’s iPad. Nobody is saying but he probably used the iPad on the home wifi network and investigators pulled the data from the traffic logs they got from the family’s ISP.

Once they got to digging through the garbage, detectives recovered “rags, tape, cleaning agents, and more inside a total of 10 trash bags.” Everything was found in a dumpster at “an apartment complex where Brian Walshe’s mother lives.

Specifically, Towels, Rags, Slippers, a Tyvek suit, Tape, Gloves, Cleaning agents, a Prada purse, Carpets, Rugs, Hunter boots, Ana Walshe’s COVID-19 card, a Hacksaw, a Hatchet, Cutting shears and a necklace belonging to Ana Walshe. Pretty much everything you need to dismember a body and clean up afterward.

If that wasn’t enough evidence to link Brian to Ana’s murder they found DNA from Ana on the slippers and Brian’s on the Tyvek suit, along with a lot of blood. It’s clear to prosecutors that more evidence had already been destroyed. Including Ana’s body.

Brian Walshe dumped trash bags at an apartment complex in Abington.” By the time they found out about that load, it had been “picked up and incinerated.” Brian had also gone shopping.

Three rugs from Home Goods

Detectives found out that Walshe paid a visit to the Home Goods store in Norwell, Massachusetts on January 2. Ana’s cell went quiet on January 1, along with Ana, everyone assumes. At the store, he bought three rugs. At least one of them matches up with what they found in the trash.

One of those “was partially stained with red and brown spots.” Not only consistent with blood but also “having a baking soda on it.” For dramatic effect the prosecutor informed the court, “rather than divorce, it’s believed that Brian Walshe dismembered Ana Walshe and discarded her body.

Once they got a warrant to search the home, “a bloody knife was also found in the Walshe’s basement, along with a second knife. They also said that a heavy duty large tarp and plastic grinders from Home Depot were found.

Those hadn’t made it into the trash yet. Once they started combing through the internet logs, they hit even more of a motherlode.

Apparently he got advice to have plenty of trash bags handy from the internet experts. He went straight to Google to research such topics as how to “dispose of a body” and “How long before a body starts to smell?” He apparently settled on “Ten ways to dispose of a dead body if you really need to.” He really needed to.

He led police on a wild goose chase by giving them an alibi that “he traveled to stores where he may not have actually been to, such as CVS and Whole Foods.” It was his wife’s employer who reported her missing. She “was last seen on New Year’s Day when she reportedly was expected to use a ride-sharing service to Logan International Airport in Boston in order to board a flight to Washington, D.C.” When she never checked in, the company called it in on January 4.

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