House GOP Members Working to Create New ‘Back the Badge’ Program

The rabidly Democrat Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, followed Palace instructions to the letter and recently signed a bill into law bringing sweeping “criminal justice and police reform” to Chicagoland. The few conservative House lawmakers not yet canceled by the state are doing what they can to show solidarity with “Back the Badge” legislation of their own.

House GOP backs the badge

In the deep blue state of Illinois, the latest strategy regarding law enforcement is “don’t do it.” Racist laws against burglary, armed robbery, and narcotics put such White privilege concepts as property rights and personal safety ahead of minority “feelings.”

The police there are being phased out in favor of mobile social-worker counseling units to solve the underlying problems. The ones which manifest in drive by gang turf-wars as the most popular form of Chicago’s urban nightlife. At least a few of their state House lawmakers are trying to stop the anarchy and preserve what can be salvaged of the rule of law.

Back the badge is sponsored by House Republican Tom Bennett from the Pontiac district. His proposal aims to set up a special “recruitment division” inside the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Review Board.

The result would be that it would allow them to “recruit and retain the best officers the state can find.” Democrats are furious. Gang-bangers want police and the guns they carry totally out of the picture because it provides unfair competition.

The best way the new division can help is by assisting local police departments to determine “their priorities” and the “specific characteristics needed in each community,” the House GOP faction believes.

“By creating this recruitment division within the state agency, we can help those local departments. Especially those smaller ones.” That way they can “expand their reach” while they “search for the right officers for their community.”

Up to each agency

As it stands now, recruitment of new officers is up to each individual law enforcement agency. With all the hyper-racist propaganda being spewed across the nation with all the Black Lives Matter madness, nobody wants to be a cop anymore.

The ones most likely to be recruited are currently being added to the domestic terror watchlist because Joe Biden doesn’t like their proclivities to support the second amendment and White privilege notions of protecting American families from social justice violence in the privacy of their own homes. The House badge backing bill aims to stop the downward spiral.

Democrats aren’t really taking the measure seriously because they know that the Republicans are outnumbered, and that’s without the need for activating any of the RINO “Democrat in disguise” sleeper-cells lurking in the state House and Senate chambers.

The big question Bennett keeps hearing is “if he reached out to any of the Black Caucus leaders who sponsored the Safe-T Act” yet.

So what, Bennett proclaims, if Back the Badge is currently stuck in the House Rules Committee. He’s a conservative to the bone and he won’t let liberals steal the constitution right out from under Lady Liberty the way they did with the 2020 election.

He does however admit that “there’s still much more work ahead before his proposal can move” out of committee to see the light of day and a final vote on the chamber floor.

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