She Has Been Subpoenaed…House Targets FBI…

ICYMI – Jennifer Leigh Moore is the top human resources official at the FBI. A process server showed up at her door late, with a subpoena. Ohio lawmaker Jim Jordan, in his capacity as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was not happy with the way she ducked their questions. Ms. Moore came in voluntarily for questioning, about retaliation against at least one of their witnesses, but she wasn’t real cooperative. She’s about to be dragged back against her will.

FBI accused of retaliation

When the head of the personnel office at the FBI refuses to answer questions from Congress about the employment files of agents, that tends to suggest there’s something to hide. According to committee spokesman Russell Dye, Jennifer Leigh Moore, who serves as Executive Assistant Director of Human Resources at the Federal Bureau of Instigation, “refused to answer questions during her transcribed interview.

They were grilling her “about the FBI’s retaliation against brave whistleblowers who have come forward to raise concerns about abuses they have seen at the bureau.” She almost but not quite took the fifth.

On Monday, April 24, Chairman Jordan issued her a formal subpoena. The FBI stands accused of “wrongly targeting those with conservative viewpoints.” Not only do they send agents to infiltrate Catholic churches and school board meetings, they allegedly targeted their own agents. In a separate statement, the bureau backed her up by insisting Ms. Moore “only refused to answer questions related to an ongoing review of some of the claims from the witnesses.” The ones about retaliation for being whistleblowers.

Not, the bureau adds, because they were whistleblowers but because handing over the employment records proving they were illegally disciplined for talking to Congress “would violate their right to privacy.” The agents in question would be happy to sign a release waving that, if they haven’t already.

Ms. Moore was happy to babble for hours about what the FBI handbook says the procedures are. Congress wasn’t happy because they already read it and know how it ends.

Moore “voluntarily answered questions from members and their staffs about the FBI’s security clearance adjudication process for several hours. She did not discuss the details of specific individuals whose cases are still under review to protect the integrity of the process and the privacy of the individuals.

Sorry, we can’t

The “sorry we can’t” excuse isn’t holding up in this Congress. The FBI claims they recognize “the importance of congressional oversight” but they’re going to thumb their nose at it anyway. The bureau “remains fully committed to cooperating with Congress’ oversight requests consistent with its constitutional and statutory responsibilities.

In other words, they aren’t handing over a single thing. The committee had only one thing to say in response to that. “FALSE,” they tweeted.

The public is already aware that one witness who came forward to the committee, Garret O’Boyle, made an allegation along the lines of retaliation for his testimony. He was an FBI agent working from the Kansas City field office.

He also “had his security clearance suspended, which is a matter still under review.” Democrats are furious that O’Boyle refused to provide them with the documents he gave their conservative colleagues. Ones dealing with the suspension of his security clearance.

Another thing that Democrats are kicking and screaming about is that O’Boyle can’t officially be called a “whistleblower.” He’s merely a “witness” because he “he never took his complaints to any Justice Department or FBI offices tasked with evaluating employee claims.

You have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s if you expect any sort of federal protection in America, Democrats insist. As if that makes yanking his security clearance for ratting on the bigwigs perfectly fine and dandy. Meanwhile, the entire Biden family walks around un-indicted, free to commit more crimes against Americans in specific and humanity in general.

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