SHOCK Case DISMISSAL… Conservatives Love It!

Remember the case of Daniel Penny?

He was the Marine who put Jordan Neely in a chokehold on the New York Subway after he had made threatening moves toward other passengers.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is now prosecuting Penny.

Grand jury testimony has now resulted in Penny’s attorneys filing to have the case dismissed.

He’s a Hero

From the reports I have seen, Penny is a hero, not a criminal.

At the time, it was reported that Neely had been threatening passengers on the trail, and Penny placed him in a chokehold to stop him.

Neely wound up dying, and the coroner ruled that it was due to his neck being compressed.

Penny is a retired Marine, so he has been trained on a non-lethal chokehold, which the video supports.

A Marine Sergeant testified to the fact that Penny executed the move in a non-lethal manner.

There was also testimony by witnesses as to what actually happened.

One witness testified that Neely stated, “I want to hurt people, I want to go to Rikers. I want to go to prison.”

Another stated that she had put her stroller between herself, her child, and Neely to try to protect them.

Someone also heard Neely saying, “Someone is going to die.”

Penny defended his actions, stating, “If [Neely] had carried out his threats, he would have killed somebody.”

The defense has now filed to have the case dismissed, questioning the testimony by the coroner regarding the cause of death.

All I know is that if Penny has this case dismissed or he beats the charges, the liberal horde will go back to the streets to tear this country apart.

Oh, wait, I forgot… there is a Democrat in office so George Soros will not be bussing any radicals in to hold violent protests.

Source: New York Times

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