Graphic Video: Peaceful Protester Destroys CNN Reporter During Live Interview

While attempting to cover the “peaceful protests” in a convincing way ( by doing a stand-up with flames in the back ground) CNN reporter Sara Sidner was interrupted by an incredulous, angry protester who dropped some serious truth on the “journalist”. He didn’t hold back either.

Sidner opens with a two-panel shot and the young man identifies himself as “my name is my name”. The CNN reporter began with the classic intro “As you can see” and the gentleman mockingly pantomimes her “As you can see… ya’ll be twistin’ up the story with the shit that ya’ll doin’.”

The Interview with a Protester That Broke CNN

REPORTER: Tell me what you think about what’s going on here?


PROTESTER: What I think is that all the press and all the extra shit ya’ll do, MAKES THIS WORSE.

REPORTER: You think so?

PROTESTER: Yes! When people want to protest, they shouldn’t do it front of a fuckin’ police… court house. Shit like that. You get what the fuck I’m saying?


REPORTER: I want you to be careful. I really do. Of anything that can hit you.

PROTESTOR: Of what? Do I look like I’m scared?

REPORTER: No you don’t.

PROTESTER: Ya’ll need to get up out of here with all that twisting up the media and shit. Real shit.

Later the interaction continued according to Brodigan of

PROTESTER: Get the f*** out of here. You people just make things worse.

REPORTER: Sir, I’m with CNN.

PROTESTER: I know. That’s why I told you to get the f*** out of here. You people just make things worse.

REPORTER: Sir, I want to understand you. What is your message to people watching at home?


Honestly, we need to see more of this. More of the Black community turning around a striking back and the media-leftist political construct that has manipulated them into alternating phases of violent rage and complacency for over a century. This video gives us hope that the they will no longer suffer the yoke of the Democrat-Socialist state that has long considered Black Americans a monolith, easily grasped and moved on the game board where ever and to whatever ends they wish.

The left loves to speak of “woke-ness”, but quite to the contrary: the man in this video calling them out isn’t “woke”, no. He is awake, and angry and we need more to join him.

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