Rumors Have Been CONFIRMED…Sidney Powell Update

Rumors that began to swirl around the time of the successful MAGA Million March in DC about Sidney Powell claiming that servers in Germany were being seized have been confirmed. 

Powell Brings the Heat

Attorney Powell has been a leading force in exposing and fighting mass voter fraud that has swept the 2020 presidential election. One claim from the tenacious lawyer was that there was a seizer of servers in Germany that can unveil suspicious activity in tabulations of votes that could help to take away Joe Biden’s presidential win.

The media has been quick to try and discredit this and talks of the severs continue. U.S. Rep Louie Gohmert of Texas talked briefly about the “Servers in Germany” and told President Donald Trump about it in 2017.


Details Slowing Coming to the Forefront

Powell did a call-in interview and referenced “servers” once again but said it was unclear whether it was the good guys or bad guys that secured them. This confirmed that there were in fact servers but the details were still unknown.

Unite America First reports:


Now we have validation from three-star General Mcinerney and three-star General Mike Flynn that there are servers attached to a CIA operation and an American military operation.

McInerney could not validate the injuries or deaths of Americans, but did speculate that he had heard something happened.

In the following video, we have two confirmations of servers in Frankfurt, Germany, which focus on investigation for the 2020 Presidential election. At approx 27:00, three-star General Mike Flynn talks about what he knows, and at approx 43:00, three-star General McInerney talks about what he knows.

Flynn says he doesn’t want to talk too much about it, but that Powell is using some information from the servers in lawsuits, and McInerney confirms the servers were seized and that he has heard there was some sort of casualties around the capture of the servers.

Big Names Reveal Big Info

“I don’t want to talk about it too much. She [Sidney Powell] has great amendments in Georgia, and she has mentioned it [the servers], and people need to dig down into the pleadings and not just listen to sound bites. We hare a beacon of hope as a country. We have a path to victory,” Flynn said when questioned about the servers.

“US Special Forces Command seized a Server Farm in Frankfurt Germany because they were sending this data from those 5-6 states from Spain to Frankfurt Germany, that was a Special Forces Operation, so they have those servers. They know the data. It didn’t go down without incident. I have not confirmed it, I have to be careful, but I have information that US Soldiers were killed in that operation, and it was a CIA operation. That is very worrisome. We knew they were using hammer and scorecard in the US, did they know that they could not use it. They had to move it overseas. Frankfurt Germany. The 305th are the Krakens used, and why Miller, a Special operation hero, is the head of the DOD, tells you what kind of people we are talking about. This is treason we are talking about,” McInerny said.

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