Lawsuits FILED as 300,000 Ballots Could Be Effected

For a year now, Democrats all over the country and activists in the media have told the American people that it is “delusional“, “unpatriotic” or even “treasonous” to question the validity of a mail-in election like the 2020 Presidential Election. We’ve been told that we’re “undermining the system” that we’re “spreading the big lie“, “aiding a coup” and all other manners of pejorative phrases designed to impugn us as “assaulting America’s democracy. The irony can’t possibly be lost on Virginia Democrats in the 2021 Gubernatorial election. In the face of their hefty defeat at the hands of Glenn Youngkin, a lot of blame is being placed… on the mail-in ballots. Man, de ja vu’, it’s like we’ve seen this before… Crazy.

Conservative Brief reports that “Democrats appear to be laying the groundwork for potential legal recourse to dispute a Republican win.

“After spending months slamming Donald Trump and Republicans for raising concerns about mail-in ballots, Democrats allege that up to 300,000 mail-in ballots may be impacted by a slow-down in mail handling.”

According to CNN, “The Virginia Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against the US Postal Service Friday, alleging local branches failed to deliver and process election-related material ahead of its high-stakes gubernatorial race, a claim the government agency has rebutted.” The case is being heard in Richmond’s Federal District Court.

The Virginia Democrats said that the supposed delays were “threatening to disenfranchise thousands of Virginia voters” to election-related mail across Albemarle County, which includes the city of Charlottesville. James City County, which is adjacent to Williamsburg, and the area of Portsmouth near Norfolk, are “particularly egregious,” according to the lawsuit.”

“Currently, based on data from the Virginia Department of Elections, 28 percent of requested absentee ballots statewide have remained outstanding with the Post Office for more than three weeks after the date they were requested and delivered to the Postal Service by general registrars for delivery,” wrote party lawyers.

One has to wonder how the National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO feels about all this? Oh…wait… that’s right, they warned us in September 2020 that ballots might not be delivered in time. Remember?

Reportedly the USPS has agreed to “prioritize election mail in an effort to ensure all absentee ballots are processed and delivered on time”

Ballots Lost In The Mail? No! Surely Not (Heavy Sarcasm)

After all… we were told left and ri- well… mostly left, during the 2020 election that mail-in voting is what the National Conference of State Legislatures considers the “gold standard of election security.” according to The New York Times. But here we are, the Democrats have lost an election they were sure they’d win, mail-in ballots were prevalent and are therefore suspect. Is it possible that they’re catching on to what we’ve known and warned about for about two years now? The shoe is as they say: on the other foot, and they’re counting on the American people to have a short memory. Don’t let them get away with it.

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