They are Now Covering for Kamala Harris Blatant LIES

It’s no surprise that far-left leaning Axios would cover up for Vice-Empress Kamala Harris by deleting her lies. Fact checkers actually dared to label her baseless claim “wrong,” so the spin doctors went into a tizzy.

Harris got ‘scratched’

On Monday, Axios of evil news, DailyWire reports, “deleted a tweet fact-checking a claim made by Vice President Kamala Harris.” Why? Because fact-checkers rated the tweet “wrong.”

Her Vice-Wisdom lied to Axios co-founder Mike Allen over the weekend, telling him and his handful of fans about the horrors they found when auditing the status of the Trump Administration’s Covid-19 response. “There was no stockpile of vaccines,” she deceived.

That was only the beginning of the falsehoods Harris oozed. “There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations. We were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and figure it out. And so in many ways, we’re starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year!”

Uh, excuse me but that sounds like bullcrap to anyone with a clue.

Even Axios noticed the blatant propaganda. They tweeted and deleted “@VP Harris to @mikeallen: ‘There was no national strategy or plan for [COVID-19] vaccinations. We’re starting from scratch.’ At a press conference last month, Fauci said ‘we certainly are not starting from scratch’ on vaccine distribution.'” Anthony Fauci is supposed to be the big expert, right?

PolitiFact piles on

After Axios threw Vice-Empress Harris under the political bus, PolitiFact ran her over too. The rabidly progressive fact checker labeled her tweet “wrong.” In a tweet of their own they tapped out, “That’s wrong. The Trump admin had a plan to distribute to locations chosen by states and let them take it from there.”

The New World Order regime is trying real hard to stamp out not just Donald Trump but anything remotely related to either nationalism or conservatism. PolitiFact rocked that boat by standing up for the former president.

Then there’s a kinky twist to the story coming from Stephen Miller. The political pundit called Axios out for deleting their own tweet, “by highlighting the recent revelation that one of Axios’ reporters was dating a member of the Biden administration.”

Kamala Harris isn’t saying a word about TJ Ducklo. He just quit his spokesunit gig after threatening to “destroy” a reporter who outed him for sleeping with another reporter.

“Axios deleting this tweet seems suspicious given the revelations that a reporter for them who covers Kamala Harris is head over heels in love with a now former Biden Administration member,” Miller posted. “See the problem now guys?”

Over at the Daily Caller, Editor in Chief Geoffrey Ingersoll notes, “Mike Allen undoubtedly knows Fauci debunked the ‘from scratch’ line. Genuinely surprised he didn’t push back on Harris here. Roughly 1.5 million vaccines distributed per day without Biden/Harris having to do anything is not ‘from scratch.'”

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