Massive Gaza Hospital Evacuation

On Monday, November 20, the evacuation of 28 premature babies fighting life-threatening infections from Gaza’s largest hospital, Shifa Hospital, to Egypt was successful. This wonderful news comes after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had entered Shifa Hospital earlier this month in a raid.

This unfortunate situation occurred due to the diminishing supplies, unclean water and power losses to incubators as a result of the Israeli military assault on Gaza City. Eight of the original 39 babies died due to these unsanitary conditions prior to their evacuation on Sunday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) sent a team to help transfer the remaining infants, three of which still remain in al-Helal Emirati Maternity Hospital in Rafah.

Reports claim that some are dehydrated while others have developed gastritis, sepsis or hypothermia as a result of these horrible living conditions inflicted upon them by Israel’s brutal military tactics.

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) reported that troops discovered a 180-foot long tunnel over 30 feet beneath al-Shifa Hospital containing numerous weapons including RPGs, explosives, and Kalashnikov rifles despite Hamas denying any knowledge of such activities taking place underneath their complex.

After much distress caused by these events, the babies have finally reached safety on the other side of the Egyptian border although none were accompanied by family members and 11 remain in critical condition according to WHO reports. The Guardian also confirms this news but no further details are available at this time regarding their current status or whereabouts.

CNN reported:

“Two of the babies stayed at the Emirati’s ICU unit – with one infant said to be in good health – and a third baby did not transfer to Egypt as his parents are currently in northern Gaza. The other 28 were transferred to Egypt.

“We have been waiting for them during the past few days. We have made all the preparations to receive the newborn babies with all the medical equipment needed for that,” a doctor at Al-Arish, named Ahmad, told Egyptian state broadcaster Al Qahera Monday, adding some of the babies are in need of “more advanced medical measures.”

A mother of one of the premature babies transferred to a hospital in Egypt said it was the “best place on earth” for her daughter to be. She told Egyptian state run pool that after a “difficult birth” on September 28, her daughter had been placed in an incubator in Al-Shifa.”

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