Election Officials Confirm ANOTHER Win for President Trump

The 2020 presidential is not over, despite what the establishment media says, but President Donald Trump gained a win in Tennessee. 

A Tennessee Win 

Tennessee’s top election officials announced yesterday that the state has officially certified the results of the election. Through this, President Trump gained 11 electoral votes.

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman with the secretary of state’s office said the certification was officially complete and the president did in fact win Tennessee. 


The county officials who certified the results as of last week, giving Trump the win.

The People Favor Trump

The state of Tennessee voted in large favor of President Trump. A Democrat nominee has not been given a win in the state since 1996 when Bill Clinton was on the ballot with Al Gore who was previously a Tennessee Representative.

Vice President Mike Pence is set to head to Memphis to discuss things revolving around COVID-19 vaccines. He will be talking about the development and distribution of the vaccines.


As released by the vice president’s office, Pence will be involved in a Thursday roundtable discussion where Republican Governor. Memphis is an important area due to it being the home of FedEx which is one of the largest shipping corporations in the United States.

So Memphis will be instrumental in the national vaccine distribution. The state is supposed to win the ability to receive 56,550 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by mid-December.

According to WKRN:

Trump’s win continued a string of GOP victories in the Volunteer State. Republicans currently hold every statewide office and control supermajorities in both chambers of the General Assembly.

Four years ago, Trump won Tennessee by 26 percentage points.

Election Still Underway

The 2020 election is still underway as mass voter fraud has plagued the results. President Trump, his team, and independent attorneys are fighting to expose corruption and have produced evidence supporting their claims.

From witnesses and a huge stack of signed affidavits, the Trump team is trying to receive justice and hopefully will overturn Joe Biden’s “win.”

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