Federal Judge Steps in and Deals Heavy Blow to Big Tech

One of California’s federal judges ruled in his favor on a major rights case against Big Tech so Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is taking a victory lap. Judge Maxine M. Chesney dealt Twitter a heavy handed blow by dismissing their frivolous complaint.

Federal Judge sides with Texas

On Tuesday, California federal Judge Maxine M. Chesney threw a lawsuit which Twitter filed against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton out of court so hard it bounced.

Paxton has been conducting a racketeering investigation ever since the social media megalith suspended President Donald Trump’s controversial Twitter account.

They didn’t like being investigated so Twitter sued. As part of the paperwork they begged the federal judge for a temporary restraining order. They didn’t get it.

Twitter’s lawyers are desperate to keep Paxton and his investigators from looking at documents that reveal “the company’s internal decision making processes for banning users.” They probably show blatant illegality.

The issue which ended up in federal court started when Paxton was enraged by the Trump Twitter ban. He’s been a deplorable Trump supporter since day one. He used his authority under U.S. Code to “issue a civil investigative demand.”

Those come under the section related to “racketeering investigation.” He’s “allowed to acquire information or documents relevant to that investigation. These demands can be used to obtain evidence of a company’s procedures and policies.”

Twitter isn’t the only one

Paxton has been using similar civil investigative demands on other social media companies as well, “to learn about the procedures that social media firms use to regulate postings or user accounts.” Twitter went spastic and made a federal case out of it.

In their legal complaint they wrote that Paxton must be stopped “from unlawfully abusing his authority as the highest law-enforcement officer of the State of Texas to intimidate, harass, and target Twitter in retaliation for Twitter’s exercise of its First Amendment rights.”

Twitter doesn’t say a word about the First Amendment rights of banned twitter users though. Paxton doesn’t mind. The federal decision lets him move forward and he can’t wait to see their responses.

“Twitter’s lawsuit was little more than an attempt to avoid answering my questions about their large-scale censorship and content-moderation policies.”

All the federal level bickering between Paxton and Twitter has been going on against a backdrop of conservative efforts.

“The seemingly coordinated de-platforming of the President of the United States and several leading voices not only chills free speech, it wholly silences those whose speech and political beliefs do not align with leaders of Big Tech companies,” Paxton said previously.

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