BLM Criminal Receives Epic Dose of Karma Via Federal Judge

In May of 2020 Tia Deyon Pugh, a BLM criminal smashed in the window of a police SUV on the Interstate 10 near Water Street in Mobile, Alabama. Tia has a problem now, its Karma. Because the violent riot she and her cohorts created disrupted traffic on the Interstate 10, Federal Prosecutors have charged her under a little known, seldom used federal anti-rioting statute.

Pugh’s attorney, Gordon Armstrong argued that the federal statute was “ovelry broad” and that her actions in Mobile last May were a local matter, he also raised First Amendment concerns (apparently they both missed the “peaceably” part in the “right of the people peaceably to assemble” much like Chris Cuomo). It didn’t do Tia much good though, U.S. District Judge Terry Moorer tossed her attorney’s argument and ordered her trial to move forward.

“The Court does not find that the language or definitions are inescapably ambiguous,” he wrote.

Judge Moorer was pretty specific that dismissal of the charge shouldn’t be up to him, but should be determined at trial.

According to Fox10 he wrote,

“Should a question remain as to whether the Government has proved that the alleged activities establish the necessary nexus to commerce, Pugh may again raise this issue at trial,” he wrote.

Later, the judge added: “Whether or not a case can survive a factual challenge is to be decided on a case-by-case basis and is a matter for the jury and/or court at trial.”

Karma for The BLM Rioter

WALA in Mobile, Alabama reported during the May 2020 riot, “The march started at 3 p.m. at Mardi Gras Park and the group made a loop around several blocks before returning to the park. Back there, several speakers delivered comments to the crowd before much of the group made their way to Cathedral Square.

After a few moments in the park, part of the group broke away and marched east to Water Street. The group attempted to get on the ramp to I-10 until MPD officers blocked the road and prevented them from making it on the highway. Some of the marchers then sat down on the ramp.”

Based upon the media reports, it is patently obvious that Tia Pugh and her comrades assuredly impeded interstate commerce by blocking the Interstate 10, therefore the Federal Prosecutor is completely secure in charging her with a Federal crime…. ouch.

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