Maricopa County Supervisor Caught in Leaked Recording

Shelby Busch and Steve Robinson head up the We The People AZ Alliancea determined and steadfast group of patriots who are working hard to demand action and hold elected representatives accountable to their oaths of office. This group has stood at the forefront of the Arizona Senate’s Audit of the 2020 Maricopa County Vote. To that end, in March Busch and Robinson spoke with Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri regarding the MCBOS’ so-called “audit” and the Arizona State Senate efforts. Chucri was direct with them and dropped some very revelatory bombshells which doubtlessly left them both more hopeful that he would do the right thing.

However, Chucri would join his fellow supervisors to not only approve the purchase of brand new Dominion Voting Systems equipment, but he would also fail to speak out publicly as his colleagues took to social media in an adversarial, insulting, and condescending stance against Senate President Karen Fann, AZGOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward and those conducting the AZ Senate Audit. An audit that he KNEW was necessary and that his colleagues were afraid of, resting instead on the Board of Supervisor’s “audit and a recount, which was pretty bullshit” as he knew well.

The Maricopa Board of Supervisor’s “Pretty Bullshit” Audit & Recount

Robinson told The GOP Times, that this massive disconnect between what was said in-person versus what was said publicly is what spurred the decision from We The People AZ Alliance to release the audio of their meeting with Chucri, therefore living up to their mission: providing accountability of our elected officials.

For this, they should be applauded.

Here is the audio transcript from The Gateway Pundit,

Busch: That was my point too. Even if they do not have political aspirations beyond this and theyre done, why allow this to now erase anything that you have accomplished.

Chucri: Right, Exactly. I’m committed to people, I wanted to take out Adrian Fontes too and we did, I’m proud of that. That Guy’s a scumbag. And so why would we stop?

Busch: I dont know what happened to your colleagues.

Chucri: I don’t either.

Busch: But Im hoping you can reel them back in and if we can deliver to the masses a good message, then we can turn this whole ship around.

Robinson: And if not, at least my consience is clear that we tried.

Chucri: Right, right, right. I mean, you’re surprised about that, as I am. Because remember what I said to Senator Fann. Remember, and ask her this, and remember what I said to Michelle Ugenti, “This isn’t going to be a problem. My guys are gonna agree with me.”

Busch: Yeah you told us that when we met with Guliani.

Chucri: And I said to Fann,  “Hey, just as good measure, where you call everybody and saying, hey, you know you’re supportive of an audit, and that would be great,” including Gallardo when she did. Never in a million years. You know what I think it was, in hindsight. Gates got scared because he barely won. And Jack got scared because he only won by 200 votes, and then there was an audit and a recount, which was pretty bullshit, by the way. What would happen in those two races? And that is way too self-serving.

Chairman Clint Hickman “Didn’t Have The Guts” To Push For An Audit BEFORE Certification

The conversation with Chucri also revealed that the Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Clint Hickman “didn’t have the guts” to have the conversation about an audit in 2020, prior to the election being certified. Chucri revealed the behind-the-scenes episode.

Chucri: Hickman wanted, he wanted to have a conversation with an audit he just didn’t have the guts to do it at the end of last year, after I’d been asking for something
Busch: And then he got his feelings hurt? Right? It was pride. Suck it up.
Chucri: Yeah, who gives a shit?
Robinson: Its Politics
Chucri: It is! That’s what I don’t mention…you guys… you guys… this is a bloodsport!
Busch: Suck it up buttercup!
Chucri: And that’s what I said to people, I’m not going to kiss your ass nor am I going to suck up for your vote. I want to earn your vote, whereas those guys want to suck up and kiss up for your vote.
Chucri: Those guys want to suck up and kiss up for your vote. And my biggest mistake and I said this to Eric, was, I should have never believed what I was being told about, we couldn’t do more than 2% of an audit before we certified the election, my biggest mistake was listening to that. I should have listened to Andy Biggs, and I think even Brnovich said you could do 30%. Hickman screwed up there because I didn’t know about it until it was too late.

We The People AZ Alliance, Holds The Maricopa County Supervisors To Account

 The GOP Times reached out to Steve Robinson on Sep. 21st about the decision to release the recording of Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri to The Gateway Pundit. It wasn’t a decision that he and Busch came to lightly.

“It was a process, we prayed about it, we thought about it, the more. And it just seems that after everything that’s happened, all of the lies that have been put public by country officials, and just all of the things we’ve been told in private and in person. And then you look at the news or a board of supervisors vote that just took place, or tweets that come out.”

“They have no respect for the people that voted them into office, none. It just comes to a point where you feel sick to your stomach about, their attitude towards anyone who questions, something that so obviously at a minimum should be questioned.

Like I said earlier it’s like ‘how dare you’, ‘how dare you question me’. I think  it just came to a point, that not putting it out there began to feel like a heavy burden to bear.”

“And ultimately it came to me asking a question of me and Shelby out loud: If it was someone else that had this information and we later found out they had it. If it could help… the answer is yes. If the shoe was on the other foot, we would be angry if they didn’t release it.”

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