Celebrating One of Melania Trumps Biggest Achievements as FLOTUS

Melania Trump gets little coverage from the mainstream media despite her accomplishments. While she was FLOTUS, one notable event she hosted was the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Melania Gets a Win

On August 18th, 2020 the former FLOTUS helped secure legislation related to the women’s suffrage monument.

On Twitter, Mrs. Trump said:

100 years ago today, the #19thAmendment was ratified, securing the right to vote for American women. Today, @POTUSsigned a proclamation recognizing this historic anniversary & we celebrate the countless contributions of women throughout our Nation’s history. #SuffrageMonth

In 1920 all 50 states eventually ratified the 19th Amendment that secured women’s right to vote across the country. Before this, their votes were allowed to be denied in the United States.

Constitution is Pro All People

The Constitution was written in a universal language that used the term “persons” so it did not discriminate against women voting. This helpful tidbit helped make it possible for women to vote as it is a right under the Constitution.

It was a Republican who brought forth the 19th Amendment in the House of Representatives. The amendment passes with over 200 Republicans voting to form it.

It appears that Michelle Obama can do no wrong but when it comes to celebrating Melania, the media is silent. When the Trump Administration issued the Woman’s Global Development and Prosperity initiative it was able to help 24 million women across the world.

Trump Administration’s Accomplishments Mount

Under the Trump Administration, women’s unemployment hit a staggering low which hasn’t been seen in about 70 years.

Melanie seems to be a steadfast support system to Donald Trump during his campaigns and presidential terms.

She doesn’t seem to be overly involved in political matters, but on big issues, she lends her voice. Despite being the first FLOTUS to be a naturalized United States citizen, this once again gets glossed over.

Melanie Trump lead with grace and respect and her accomplishments are respected by many even if the mainstream media declines to report them.

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