DISGUSTING! Look At What They Are Doing To Children At This Pride Event

In the latest ‘Pride’ event in Pennsylvania proof that the LGBTQ+ movement is grooming children for pedophile predators is available for all to see! A video shows LGBTQ+ groomers teaching children how to sexually pole dance like strippers.

The video making rounds on social media shows a young child twirling on a stripper pole. Teaching the child how to dance on the pole is a shirtless man wearing only a pair of red skimpy shorts. The video was taken at July 30th’s Pride Festival of Central Pennsylvania.

Perverted gawkers at the ‘Pride” event cheered on as children were taught how to dance erotically on a stripper pole like exotic dancers.

Libs of TikTok obtained the video that shows the child, wearing a rainbow tutu, being cheered on by a purported guardian who filmed the encounter. The guardian then posted the video to TikTok with the text, “Central PA Pride had a pole set up with an amazing instructor to assist. My kiddo is a natural!”

Since the original posting, the guardian had time to think twice as backlash set in and deleted the video, but Libs of TikTok was able to get a copy of it, re-posting the uncensored video:

Watch on Twitter below:

In the video you can hear someone yell to the kid, “Sexy!”

According to Libs of TikTok, Pennsylvania’s Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf supported the event that clearly sets up children to be the victims of pedophiles.

“It is my honor to join with the Pride Festival of Central Pennsylvania to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary,” Governor Tom Wolf wrote.

This event is just one of many marking the extreme rise of Pride events marketed as “family-friendly.” Only exposing children to inappropriate and indecent behavior and material in 2022.

A pride event in Seattle had fully nude adults parading in front of children, at another a drag queen offered “genitals and lube” to a crowd where children were present, In the Los Angeles parade children saw nearly-nude men in BDSM attire whipping each other, and a little girl locked inside of a kink cage with an adult man dressed up in ‘pup play’ attire at a gay pride parade in Germany, are just 3 examples of children being exposed to explicit sexual material they are far too young to understand.

Source: TheGatewayPundit


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